Comment The navalniest screening trial became a milestone for Putin’s late season

Putin’s Russia has thrown into its own space, writes foreign journalist Pekka Hakala.

Opposition politician Alexei Navalnyi has spent a total of long periods in pre-trial detention, 15-day detention and house arrest over the years. Tuesday’s verdict was awaited but still startling. It was the first time Navalnyi had actually been passed to a prison camp since the verdict.

He was sentenced to two years and eight months in prison. Moved to the right decision Navalnyin old conditional three and a half year sentence for his unconditional but declined endured ten months of arestit in favor of the convicted person.

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The accused’s sternly closing remarks showed that at least he had no illusions about the outcome of the trial. Navalnyi decreed the president Vladimir Putinia from behind my shoulder and clearly did not speak to the judge but to the public and even there mainly to their own supporters.

Is it is hard to imagine that the appellate courts would change the decision, at least in favor of the accused, or that a possible new position of the European Court of Human Rights would affect Russian judges in any way. Or that the president would exercise his right of pardon.

The latter, however, is possible in the event that Navalnyi receives new charges and an even longer prison sentence. President Putin could at some point end in amnesty on the condition that Navalnyi agree to disappear from the entire country. Hardly agrees.

Navalnyi has thus managed to remain largely free throughout his nearly twenty-year political career. On Tuesday, this came to an end and the decision became a milestone in the last episode of Putin’s reign. This period began a year ago with the preparation of a constitutional amendment and continued in August with the poisoning of Navalny.

Self the trial was a showdown at its best or worst. There were two days left of the six-year probation period in December, when the Criminal Sanctions Agency sent Navalny a formal request to report to the probation officer. The whole world, with the exception of the Criminal Sanctions Agency, seemed to know where Navalnyi is.

The judge of the district court was replaced just before the hearing. No attention was paid to the staging nature of the original, so-called Yves Rocher judgment. Nor to the position of the European Court of Human Rights that the 2014 verdict was “arbitrary and unfounded” and the ensuing house arrest “politically motivated”.

Whereby way Tuesday’s presentation then resigned from the dictator Joseph Stalin Screening trials in the 1930s? Well, the editor-in-chief of the radio station Eho Moskvy Alexei Venediktov Stalin pointed out that Stalin had sent invitations and free tickets to foreign law representatives for show trials.

On Tuesday, as well as Putin’s press chief Dmitry Peskov that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Information Manager Marija Zaharova brutalized EU countries that had dared to send their diplomats to the courtroom for the public.

Putin’s Russia has thrown into its very own space.

Alexei Navalnyi in court on Tuesday.­


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