Comment The Football Super League became a farce in which the leaders of the great clubs forgot the power of the fans

One can only wonder whether the clubs, or the leaders and owners of the clubs, were waiting for the supporters to welcome the new super league, says HS sports journalist Ismo Uusitupa.

Twelve the European Grand Club made a surprise decision by setting up the European Super League (ESL), which they had been talking about for a long time. Only 48 hours later more than half of the clubs have withdrawn from the project.

How did this happen?

These are companies with a turnover of hundreds of millions of euros, which have entered into an agreement with each other and which are then disappearing one by one. There didn’t seem to be a very binding agreement. It seems like a pretty dick.

One can only wonder whether the clubs, or therefore the club leaders and owners, were waiting for the supporters to scream against the new super league. They certainly knew that the European Football Association (Uefa) was opposed to the project, and there must also be a perception that the national leagues of different countries were not enthusiastic about the idea.

But fans. Although the stadiums are still empty due to the coronavirus pandemic, football fans have not disappeared. It was experienced by Liverpool on Monday night and Chelsea on Tuesday night as supporters arrived outside stadiums to protest before matches.

More protests were coming or could be even more: Arsenal supporters, among others, have been asked outside Emirates Stadium for Friday night when Arsenal face Everton.

Are club leaders completely alienated from supporters? It seems so, but if we talk about the American owners of Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal, the answer is not even related to the supporters: for them, European sports culture looks like a freak, where a place in the sun is not guaranteed with a stack of dollars.

For example, Arsenal dominating Stan Kroenke owns clubs in the NHL and NFL, among others – and that’s the model he’s used to. And the same he would like for Europe.

Although The ESL businessmen (yes, this is about the costume men) speak beautiful words about football, the background is purely money, which is not to be drained, especially for Uefa.

The rush of the whole thing was due to a coronavirus pandemic that has taken a lot of revenue from all the clubs. For some clubs, the Super League could even have been a lifeline. Tottenham, for example, owes hundreds of millions of pounds on its new fine stadium, which is not allowed to take in an audience: billions in the Super League would have become quite a relief.

This also explains why Manchester City withdrew first: for its owners, the City is a nice hobby and it was definitely included when the others went.

Although there are other reasons behind the withdrawals than the strong opposition of the supporters, the supporters of the clubs who took to the streets and raised not on social media deserve a big thank you.

Former Arsenal and FC Barcelona star player and current Monaco player Cesc Fàbregas summed this up in his Twitter post: “Well done football fans. Beautiful sports are nothing without you. ”

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