Comment The final line has been raging before, but the hate-losing Aleksandr Bolshunov took the mix to a new level

The foundation for Bolshunov’s nervousness already took place in Saturday’s combined competition, writes HS sports journalist Ismo Uusitupa.

Cross-country skiing Final fights have been fierce twists and turns in the past, but in Russia Alexander Bolshunov took the matter to a new level. First, he would swing dangerously with his wand and finish his charging brain with a tackle after the finish line.

The target was the Salpausselä World Cup message competition Joni Mäki, who got ahead of the Russian just before the finish line, where changing the track is no longer allowed. The hill came in second, Bolshunov third. Norway was clearly number one. In the end, Russia’s performance was rejected because of Bolshunov’s tricks.

The groundwork for Bolshunov’s nervousness was already in Saturday’s combined race, in which the Russian leading the World Cup lost the chance to win after colliding with Norway Hans Holundin with. The surface was thus tight even before the anchor part of the post and Mäki’s charring during the race only increased the laps.

Bolshevov it is said that he is a nice and calm man outside of competitions. He has little brotherhood with competitors from other countries. It is also largely due to the fact that language skills are mainly limited to Russia.

With the number tag on his chest, Bolshunov is a tough competitor who really hates losing. When that happens, he clearly goes down the cup.

The rampage, which has escalated into violence, is, of course, completely reprehensible, but a decent twist will liven up the skiing races, which, especially in the women’s races, have become the one-sided rule of Norway. There will be no twists when there is so much difference to the next that the winner has time to shower before the next is in the finish line.

At least Bolshunov caused his bustle to be viewed with a magnifying glass in the future. That is, the end result is hardly what he would have liked before coming to Salpausselä.


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