Comment The center of Turku may smell, but not in English

The center of Turku is not called Turku Center, and the center of Helsinki is not called Downtown Helsinki, even though they have been given such marketing names, writes Toni Lehtinen, HS’s Turku regional journalist.

Time it often seems that whether my hometown Turku publishes or does anything, it is misunderstood if there is the slightest possibility of misunderstanding.

At the end of March, the City of Turku sent a bulletin entitled “Turku Commercial Center is now Turku Center”. The release was made quickly newswhere the word commercial was taken away.

There was enthusiasm in the social media when the name of the center of Turku was assumed to have changed. Due to some interest, a correction bulletin was soon sent out emphasizing that the name of the center will not change, as the name Turku Center will only be used for marketing.

For example, the HS Now Annex in the story the matter was rectified, but the misunderstanding remained alive in its own life.

Turku The marketing name Center is based on the Turku City Center Association formed by the shops in the city center. Virtually all major cities have a similar association. Helsinki City Marketing operates in Helsinki.

The Turku-based association made two mistakes. The new marketing name wanted credibility and visibility, so it was announced in the official press release of the City of Turku. The city is participating in the project. Second, the title of the bulletin was made as compelling as possible, regardless of the risk of misunderstanding.

For the information of all those who are afraid that there will be Turku Center nameplates around the center of Turku: there will be, and the center will never be called Turku Center.

How can I be so sure? Because the center of Helsinki is not called Downtown to Helsinki. That’s right, there is a similar brand in the center of the capital, behind which is Helsinki City Markkinointi.

By the way, did you know that according to Downtown Helsinki, Helsinki has a heart that is “lively, comfortable, energetic, beautiful, surprising and constantly changing”.

Turku The Center was already burying misunderstandings in the Finnish Cemetery until Yle on Monday released Professor Janne Saarikivi column topic.

In his writing, Saarikivi talks about the penetration of the English language into the culture of naming. He therefore erroneously assumes that the Turku Center would be the new real name of the center.

The communications of the city of Turku have tried to fight against windmills, but to no avail. The forums are again full of messages from the people of Turku scattering the ashes on them and the acknowledgment of the people of Tampere and Helsinki who have been able to sneak up on Turku.

Saarikivi is absolutely right in criticizing the English intrusion into Finnish names. Two relevant examples related to the centers were missing from the writing. Attempts have been made to sow English in the central nomenclature for decades, but permanent names are born in the language of the townspeople.

The first example is from the late 1950s. When first Viljo Revell and later Heikki Castrén prepared a master plan for the center of Helsinki, its name was not Helsinki city center but City-Center. The only building completed from the plan is not called the City-Center but the Sausage House.

Another example is from 1984. That’s when Lahti began to promote the good aspects of his “Americanism” and chose The Business City as the motto of his campaign. According to a 1984 news story, the city had decided to even put signs on its borders that read Lahti The Business City.

No wonder that decision be ashamed city ​​dwellers even more. Something has now been learned in Lahti, as the business changed in the 21st century to the environment and the marketing name to Green City. Now that Lahti is the European environmental capital of 2021, the word city has finally been rubberized and the brand is Green Lahti.

On Monday In addition to the Saarikivi column, the news of Turku Sanomat was published that in the center of Turku stinks. I was relieved to find that the term Turku Center was never used in the news.

The center of Turku may smell, but not in English.

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