Comment The Brexit-UK relationship is no longer the same and has brought more work to Boris Johnson

The Brexit dispute in Northern Ireland overshadowed the first meeting between the British leader and the US president at the G7 meeting.


On Sunday ending G7 meeting has been prime minister To Boris Johnson the first opportunity to launch Brexit Britain on the world map.

And what’s in it. The role suits Johnson.

During the Corona era, the G7 host is supposed to be an optimistic world healer. Making the post-pandemic world an even better place, patrolled Johnson in Cornwall. Greener, fairer and more equal.

Less well Johnson has been fitted with the role of Brexit negotiator.

Related to Northern Ireland brexit problems have overshadowed the otherwise smooth G7 meeting. Britain’s reluctance to stick to what was previously agreed with the EU caused damage to its international reputation.

What is embarrassing for Johnson is that the President of the United States With Joe Biden has a strong view of Northern Ireland. Biden’s family roots are in Ireland, and the peace of the island is thus of particular interest to him.

Even before the G7 meeting, The Times news, how the U.S. embassy had accused the British of inciting the situation in Northern Ireland.

In Cornwall Johnson and Biden performed, of course, as best friends. Biden donated an American bicycle to Johnson. Johnson gave Biden a picture of a mural depicting an opponent of slavery.

Also British and American in the joint opinion peace and development in Northern Ireland was mentioned

The duo also updated Atlantic Declaration. In 1941 Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt outlined the new world order on which the UN and NATO were born.

Johnson and Biden the 2021 version emphasizes, inter alia, democratic values ​​and rule-based international cooperation.

Brexitin after that, a close relationship with the United States is even more important to Britain. Among other things, the wishes include a comprehensive free trade agreement.

However, British media reported this week that Johnson does not like the term “special relationship”. It is said to leave Britain with a mere helpless second role.

But what does the United States like?

It has traditionally been important to Americans that the influential Britain in the EU provide the United States with a natural channel to continental Europe. After Brexit, the dynamics between Britain and the United States will also change. Britain needs to have something new to offer.

Brexit the bigger change, however, is the change of president in the United States.

In Cornwall, Johnson praised how Biden brought a “fresh breeze” when he came. Cooperation is now taking place on security and defense issues as well as on combating climate change.

On the resigning Federal Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel however, became the first European leader by Biden invited to the White House.

It might be annoying on Downing Street.



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