Comment Teemu Pukki and Norwich are now more ready for the Premier League, but the hard path is still ahead

“The top achievement would be staying in the series. It may sound like an understatement, but it is not, ”writes HS sports journalist Ismo Uusitupa.

Norwich City returns to the Premier League after a superior Championship season. The team has played 13 games in the tube without losses before Saturday night, so the spring condition has been great.

When Norwich rose to the Premier League at the end of spring 2019, the team was not at all ready for brighter lights. The first half of the autumn season was still looking forward to the upswing, which included, among other things Teemu Pukin a stunning hat trick to the Newcastle net. The spring season with its summer matches (due to the coronavirus, the series was suspended for a long time) was the perfect pancake.

It should also be remembered that Norwich, who plays with narrow material, suffered a lot of injuries. At worst, the team didn’t have any healthy toppers, and the team’s clear number one goalkeeper Tim Krulkin was briefly injured.

Team is now more experienced, as the base has been at least this season almost the same as last season. The biggest loss after the fall was the defender Ben Godfreyn departure to Everton. Much has been rumored of, among other things, perhaps the best player in the Championship Emiliano Buendian about the situation: if Norwich got the £ 40 million he wanted from him, the deals would very likely take place.

Since Norwich doesn’t have fabulously rich owners, the club can’t make shockingly large financial losses. Therefore, acquiring new players virtually always requires selling some players and still making a profit in the stores.

Of course, if, like Puk, you could constantly find top players with free transfers or 1.5 million euros, like Buendi, the situation would be easier.

What can you expect a new company in the Premier League? The top achievement would be staying in the series. It may sound like an understatement, but it is not. Rising teams are quite often destined to return lower than the league. For example, of last season’s rising teams, only Leeds is keeping their place in the Premier League.

If Pukki and Buendia continue in Norwich, strengthening the defense is the manager Daniel Farken main task. It also applies to the goalkeeper: Krul needs at least a tightener.

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