Comment Sports weekend cheer Rosa Pohjolainen is one of the best in the world in her age, a demanding threshold was exceeded in Levi

If should choose a Finnish composer and cheerleader for the November sports weekend, so a subjective and perhaps partly objective choice is easy.

Its title is earned by a 17-year-old alpine skier Rosa Pohjolainenwho took Levi the first World Cup points of his career in the third mc race of his career.

There are never too many such flashes of light in Finnish sports.

Abundantly Many people, other than Yle’s expert in his entertaining style, were enthusiastic about the success of his promises. Kalle Palander, which wiped the tears of movement from the narration booth in front of the camera that showed the live image.

The Nordic man succeeded in what was already in Saturday’s race in a hurry natsata. Counting with a big start number (63) for the second round, ie the top 30, is always a demanding and valuable performance in the toughest level of competition. Every climber who ascends to the top has to cross its threshold.

Now Pohjolainen has the first mc points, and with their help he can count with a smaller and therefore more favorable number already in his next mc start, where it will probably be. Perhaps in Austria before the turn of the year, if the corona situation allows.

Although Pohjolainen made a mistake at the beginning of his second bill, the performance can be considered strong. Because he kept his bill pile to the end and reached the finish line. It required not only physical competence but also pressure tolerance, apparently more than ever before in Pohjolainen’s career.

On Saturday, Pohjolainen was able to enter the competition without any outside expectations, but on Sunday the situation was different.

After the first fall to 14th place, expectations would shoot even higher, but the Nordic country lasted, even though there was no experience of such situations. At the same time, he gained vital self-confidence for the following races.

Their performances The Nordic commented loudly unstoppably, almost like Palander through his top career.

Of course, the Nordics still have a long way to go to reach the top, but there seems to be potential. Prior to that, it was already pointed out last winter, when, among other things, he placed second in the grand slalom at the Youth Winter Olympics in Switzerland. The winner of the race was a year older.

In his age, Pohjolainen is already one of the best in the world. The latest ranking of the International Ski Federation, the so-called FIS list, shows that Pohjolainen, who was born in 2003, is number one in sledding, third in grand slalom and, surprisingly, second in combined and downhill skiing, although according to FIS statistics his only downhill start In Norway.

Nordic Levi’s most successful alpine skier was also watching Levi’s performance Tanja Poutiainen.

At this point, Pohjola can be compared in all respects to Poutiainen, who has had a great career, in the thrilling detail that when he reached his first mc points in December 1997, Poutiainen was 17 years old, and this was his third mc start. So sounds familiar.

The ranking in the great slalom at the famous French ski resort Val d’Isere was 18th.


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