Comment Renovation of the Olympic Stadium exceeded by EUR 140 million – it can be difficult for the average ticket buyer to understand

The purposefulness and price of the renovation of the Olympic Stadium has received a lot of criticism, and the criticism will hardly subside with the spectators’ experiences, writes HS Sports news producer Tero Hakola.

Olympic Stadium a total of ten years of renovation project is finally in the package.

The Stadium Foundation said on Tuesday that the total cost of the renovation rose to nearly € 337 million, meaning the original budget was exceeded by € 140 million. The bill will be handled by the City of Helsinki and the state, which pay for half of the renovation.

The State Audit Office (VTV), for its part, issued its own report on the renovation on Wednesday, and it is not flattering. VTV points out that the renovation was delayed, costs rose significantly, and the steering group that oversaw the project did not do its job.

There was little and no information about the increase in the bill during the renovation.

“The use of public funds must be transparent and cost-effective. Therefore, state-funded diverse and long-lasting projects must be adequately supervised, ”VTV’s chief inspector Olli Piiroinen stressed in the release.

However, the audit did not reveal any indication that the funded entity was not in general compliance with State aid decisions.

Olympic Stadium the purposefulness and price of the renovation has received a lot of criticism, and the criticism may not be silenced by the viewer experience.

In sports construction, EUR 340 million is a huge amount, and with the same money, much larger, more modern and more spectacular stadiums have been built than they have been since the renovation of the Olympic Stadium.

Criticism is precisely about the expectations of the viewer. The Olympic Stadium is an exceptionally beautiful sports arena that exudes history, the great story of sports and Finland as well.

Sitting on the benches of the improved Stadika is sure to tone up even the most cynical.

However, the requirements of ticket buyers, ie customers, are understandable. The expensive renovation only brought them more covered auditoriums, new seating, clean toilets and a little more restaurant service. New digital experiences have also been sparked.

However, the Olympic Stadium does not offer any luxury, and the basic solutions did not change significantly for the spectators. The shells of the Olympic Stadium also could not accommodate a decent fence section, which is the heart of the modern event business.

At the Olympic Stadium there are, of course, a lot of modern delicacies, but they are only underground for use by athletes and those working in various positions in the stadium.

In addition, new indoor sports facilities have been built for Stikika for the use of clubs. The facilities bring Stikika year-round activities and can also be used for all kinds of major events.

These facilities can be the rescue of Stadika. The more daily and satisfied users a sports sanctuary has, the better it will also do financially.


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