Comment One team has been above the others at the European Championships – the black horse has become a champion favorite

Italy has long been in a really convincing mood.

Football in the men’s European Championships, Group A was completed on Sunday and was won by a clean game in Italy.

In addition, the team kept their goals clean and took the full points from three matches with a goal difference of 7-0.

The match was at the same time the team’s 30th consecutive loss-free match, setting the country’s record. The team lost its previous defeat in the League of Nations when Portugal took a 1-0 win on September 10, 2018.

Italy has been inconceivably harsh lately, especially in the defensive direction. In the previous 11 matches, the team has kept their goals clean, and since the defeat to Portugal, the team have conceded a total of only seven goals in 30 matches.

At the European Championships, the challenge was not very much in the first round, as Wales, Switzerland and Turkey are not among the brightest elites in Europe.

The seven goals scored by Italy are the country’s record in three matches in the early round of the European Championships or World Cup.

Of the championship favorites, France clashed against Hungary and did not convince Germany of victory either. Belgium was in trouble against Denmark, and Spain and England have been tormented by inefficiency.

Italy is a close-knit and tactically excellent team. It has the power to play in midfield, arrogance, skill and speed on the wings and coldness at the top.

The black horse of the Games has become a champion favorite, ready to take the first championship win since the 2006 World Cup gold.



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