Comment One situation underlined complete humiliation – no one would now believe that Lewis Hamilton is considered the best ever

Hamilton finished 13th in Imola.

F1 season the fourth race in Imola, Italy, underscored one of the laws of motorsport that is sometimes forgotten.

Lewis Hamilton is the seven-time world champion of the sport. After last season, which ended in a bitter disappointment, he was expected to sign himself into the F1 history books forever this year.

The eighth World Cup title would undoubtedly elevate Hamilton to an all-time driver, but now the idea of ​​a championship seems ridiculous.

In the 41st round of the Imola race, Hamilton was properly humiliated when Red Bull, Max Verstappen passed Hamilton in the round.

Race weekend was a pain for Hamilton from start to finish, as it really was all season so far.

Hamilton has been dazzled many times in the past, and his driving skills have not, of course, gone anywhere. However, this season has shown harshly that without a winning car, even a world champion looks like any mediocrity.

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The lower tune through is emphasized by that teammate George Russell is already 21 points ahead of Russell, who is seventh in the World Series.

Also descriptive is that of Mercedes Valtteri Bottas was repeatedly overshadowed by Hamilton, but in Imola Bottas was already finishing third in the season with Hamilton in 13th place.

If anyone had sat down to watch F1 for the first time on Sunday, there would have been no way he could have believed that Hamilton was considered the best driver of all time.

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