Comment “No,” said Petteri Orpo on the climate panel, completely muting the audience

The Coalition Party’s Petteri Orpo was asked whether the Coalition Party would be prepared to leave the government, which will begin to cancel the climate measures already taken. The short-word refusal clearly surprised basic Finns Riikka Purra, writes HSo’s political journalist Marko Junkkari.

Always then then there are moments in politics when a politician manages to surprise his audience completely. This was what happened on Wednesday night, organized by HS and Aalto EE On the panel of the chairman of the economic defense course.

“No,” said the Coalition chairman Petteri Orpo right at the beginning of the panel. And made the audience confused. The surprise itself did not concern the matter itself or the content of Orpo’s response.

The reason was the lack of an answer. It was just a “no”. There were no mitigations involved. And the sentence didn’t go anywhere. The orphan answered unequivocally “no”. And there was a full stop after the sentence. And then silence.

It was about that Orpo was asked in the panel whether the Coalition Party would be prepared to leave the government, which will begin to cancel the climate measures already taken.

The introduction of the question was referred to by the chairman of Basic Finns Riikka Purra Tuesday interview In Finnish News, in which Purra demanded that Finland ‘s current climate policy be relaxed and that the carbon neutrality target be moved from the current target year of 2035 to 2050.

Mr Purra justified his demand on the grounds that his climate policy, which he considered too strict, had contributed to the deepening of Europe’s energy crisis. The market price of natural gas has tripled in recent months and the price of crude oil has also risen. The price of electricity has also risen in many countries.

According to Purra, with the rise in energy prices, there are already “millions of energy poor” in Europe who cannot survive paying their electricity bills. Purra suspected that the same fate could await many Finnish families in the frosts of next winter.

Riikka Purra, chairman of Basic Finns, and Petteri Orpo, chairman of the Coalition Party, at the climate panel on Wednesday.

In the panel downtown Annika Saarikko challenged Purra’s view that climate action was the main cause of Europe’s energy crisis. And right, Saarikko was – climate action will certainly have an impact, but the causes of the crisis are much more diverse. The reason lies in the twists and turns of world politics – and in China, Russia and the EU.

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But let’s get back to that Orpo no-answer.

Of course, Orpo has emphasized the importance of climate action and the fact that combating climate change is the most important task of our time. But at the same time, the Coalition Party has also vehemently opposed fuel tax increases by the government, for example.

The real surprise, however, was that Orpo was so strongly opposed to climate mitigation. It would have been a surprise if he had wanted to mitigate them on the climate panel.

It was interesting that Orpo so vulgarly cranked the presentation of Riikka Purra, the chairman of the basic Finns.

The answer clearly surprised Purra.

“Pretty quick response,” Purra said to Orpo.

Purran the surprise may be explained by the fact that the Coalition Party is at the forefront of polls and has been emphatically trying to keep all doors open to potential parties in the next governing coalition. In general, Orpo’s answers to questions about the future government base are quite a touch.

Now, however, he said unequivocally no cancellation of climate action.

The orphan further underlined in the panel that none of the climate goals can be undone.

“It can’t be compromised at all,” Orpo said.

Economic defense course is an event organized by Helsingin Sanomat and Aalto EE since 2015, where company representatives and politicians meet each other. The experts at the event will be Aalto University experts.

For many years, the economic defense course has held presidency exams that have deviated from the ordinary. They have had only one theme at a time.

The presidents of the largest parliamentary parties have thus only been able to discuss the same issue for an hour.

The exams have been really refreshing.

In general, election exams have to jump fast from one topic to another, as the intention is to cover as many relevant topics as possible for the voter.

However, focusing on one theme has brought a completely different tone to the panels of the Economic Defense Course – and I dare say that there has been a real discussion between party leaders in the past about, for example, social security reform or employment.

The idea is simple – let’s talk about one thing over time – but it has still proven to work. However, with this year’s Economic Defense Course, this simple concept evolved even better.

The presidency exam can be viewed in its entirety here:

Climate change Of the many basic issues in the fight against terrorism, the five presidencies were largely surprisingly in agreement. There was also a real dialogue in the panel.

The excellent panel was led by two Aalto University students. Elina Rauvala is a master’s student in economics, Milja Leinosen the major is bioinformation technology. Both are leaders of the Aalto Student Union.

Leinonen and Rauvala approached climate change in a panel from a systemic angle. It was an excellent solution to look at the problem as a whole.

And moreover, it shows the amazing skill of the panel leaders in general to get a short answer from a politician. Outright excellence is shown by the ability to get an answer from politicians on a panel with only two letters.

Leinonen and Rauvala were able to do that on Wednesday.


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