Comment More than 10 million pots are crashing into the box office of the Football Association, but it is still worth striving for goodness

Already, Finnish football has won the European Championships in ways that cannot be measured in money. However, one of the most important results will not be seen for years to come.

Finland the men’s national football team will play late Monday night the most important match in its history when Belgium will face Belgium in the final bout of the European Championship finals.

Finland should get at least a tie from the match and one point so a place in the quarterfinals could be secured. With the victory, Finland could win the whole block.

But whatever happened, in a way, Finland has already won. Or rather the Finnish Football Association.

European the football association Uefa will pay the national federation of each country playing in the final tournament € 9.25 million for participation alone.

In addition, the Finnish Football Association will earn an additional EUR 1.5 million from the Denmark win.

If Finland played a draw against Belgium and the place in the quarterfinals were secured, the Football Association would receive an additional EUR 750 million from the draw and EUR 2 million from the place.

A win from Belgium brought the same amount to the pot as the Danish game.

EUR 12 million for decades of trying and many bad places would be a nice reward.

Already Finnish football has won the European Championships in ways that cannot be measured in money.

No amount is enough to measure the respect for human life that Joel Pohjanpalo and the other Owls showed Christian Eriksenin congestion due to cardiac arrest and other events of the Danish match.

The Owls have succeeded in the European Championships not only as ambassadors for Finnish football but also for humanity, and that is immeasurably great.

Race games The significance for the development of Finnish football, on the other hand, is only visible years after the Games.

The money paid by Uefa will help to develop the coaching work, but an even deeper impact is related to the opportunities that the European Championships will hopefully open up for Finnish football.

It would be good for junior work and player development if Finnish national team players and talented juniors could get more clubs and junior academies abroad more than before after the Games.

It would also be very important for the future that more could be invested in domestic club work and the development of the coaching and operation of junior national teams than today.

Already, work in junior national teams and between the federation and clubs is much better organized than, say, 10 years ago. Before long, it will surely bear fruit.

Worth to therefore, we hope that on Monday against Belgium, Finland will take at least a point from Belgium and go to the quarterfinals.

At the same time, Finnish football history would be made, the effects of which would probably be very far into the future.

Towards goodness you should always try.

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