Comment Matilda Castren now looks like an Olympic medal nominee, but maintaining top tune can be difficult

Only 60 players take part in the Olympic tournament and the countries have their own player quotas.

Finland currently the hottest golfer Matilda Castren once again demonstrated its great competitive qualities by winning the Women’s European Tour (LET) competition in Turku.

In golf, those qualities include at the forefront the pressure endurance that Castren has shown before, especially when he won the world’s number one tour LPGA tournament in California a month ago.

In Turku, Castren played in the top group of the final round and in front of a large audience, which tests more of a mental edge than performing, for example, in the next top three.

Castren has been in top shape for the past few weeks and has shown success in a variety of fields and conditions.

At least now it can be said that he is leaving for the Tokyo Olympics as a medal candidate. There are only 60 players in the Olympic tournament, and the level of the team is not as high as in major competitions, for example. This is due to land quotas, so only four hard Koreans, for example, can join.

However, one thing can be considered a bit worrying for Castren’s mood. He has competed really a lot over the past month.

Now he has four consecutive weeks of competition behind him, and before arriving in Turku, there was a Trip from the United States to Europe, behind a seven-hour time difference. The contract will continue next week with a major competition in Evian, France.

Then there’s the week before the Olympics, but it falls short and doesn’t give a normal chance to rest. Travel to Japan a week before the start of the race, and again the strain is brought by the time difference.

Thus long racing tubes are not typical of top professional players. Usually they play for a maximum of two or three weeks in a row, and then need to recharge the batteries.

Castren is still a relatively inexperienced athlete at the highest level, so maintaining a vibe until the Olympics can be challenging due to physical and mental strain.

Women The European tour returned to Finland after a ten-year hiatus, and a successful event was held on the Aura Golf course in all respects. It must have even been lucky that the date shifted from June due to interest rate restrictions.

According to HS, next year’s Finnish LET competition will be held in Åland at the renewed and acclaimed Slottsbanan course at Ålands Golfklubb.



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