Comment Lewis Hamilton forgot his own wise words

Hamilton made a really surprising mistake when there was no need for over-entrepreneurship, writes HS sports journalist Jan Vilén.

Mercedes Lewis Hamilton is the seven-time world champion in the F1 series, but on Sunday he looked mostly like a beginner.

Hamilton was in second place in the sixth race of the season in Baku and 18 points in it when the last two rounds of the race started with a repeat start.

Red Bull, who leads the World Series, ended up in the starting boxes Max Verstappen as a result of an unfortunate tire failure and subsequent crash.

Hamilton stated before the re-start that while a couple of laps were like a sprint race, the whole season is a marathon run.

However, the words were quickly forgotten when the British got off to a good start and decided to try Red Bull Sergio Perezin bypass.

Braking failed, but Hamilton drove the first bend long and eventually dropped to 15th.

Taking the situation for granted, Hamilton would probably now have 18 points more and a clear lead in the World Series.

Thanks to a rare mistake, Verstappen continues to lead the World Championship with four points.



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