Comment Kimi Räikkönen’s gravel rally and Valtteri Bottas’ eternal motor rally dampened the atmosphere

Valtteri Bottas ‘race was ruined even before the start of the race, when Mercedes again chatted Bottas’ car, writes HS sports journalist Ismo Uusitupa.

Formula the number one Austin race was a success in many ways. It showed that F1 has gained a solid foothold in the United States: there were 400,000 spectators over the weekend.

In addition, the competition culminated in two top drivers, Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton, a duel in which Verstappen took the win. Or well, there was no perfect climax because Hamilton didn’t get any closer in a second, meaning there was no actual overtaking attempt.

But: In Finnish, the race was almost a pancake.

Valtteri Bottas the race was ruined even before the race started, while Mercedes again chanted Bottas’ car. This time, the reward for that was a five-starting penalty.

Eventually, Bottas rose to sixth, but the situation is confusing. In a short time, Bottas’ car has already been modified three times, which has ruined his race.

Bottas said after the race that hopefully no more parts will be exchanged for the next race.

I named a few races then Mercedes raptures as practical jokes. Maybe at some point it will become clear what it was really about. At least Mercedes hardly wants to intensify the competition between the stables …

Second finnish, Kimi Raikkonen, has rarely made it to the World Cup, but Sunday was one of the few opportunities. Although Räikkönen has also driven a rally, getting on gravel with a F1 car is not a very strong go.

Well, humor for that matter, the situation was challenging when Sebastian Vettel pressed, but this time the Iceman was not quite in the right nickname for the situation.

It was so unfortunate that Räikkönen drove convincingly until then and, for example, fired past three cars at the start.

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