Comment HJK is at its best at just the right time – One player could even make it one of the best Finnish teams ever

If HJK ​​succeeds in attracting Captain Tim Sparvin to its ranks, there will be an absolutely exceptional domestic team, writes HS journalist Mikko Pajala.

Success feeds success, the logic of football europels is summed up in one sentence.

As team points accrue, the chance of being placed in a draw improves, which in turn improves the likelihood of a favorable draw. Prize money, in turn, can be used to develop the team and surrounding activities.

HJK is in a situation where it has the opportunity to jump into that positive spiral. And luckily for it, the team is exceptionally good athletically now.

Yet before the Budućnost match, the actual level of HJK ​​was a bit obscured.

Is the team really as good as one could deduce from its league superiority, or will it turn out certain question marks in euro fields problems?

The result did not leave anything to be said: 7–1 for HJK.

Budućnost suffered the biggest loss in its Eurohistory. It had difficulty organizing its defense, and the team was not quite on top of steel.

But HJK also made it look a lot worse than reality. Head coach Toni Koskela has done a great job, and he has also received quality tools from the club management.

HJK only needs one win from the next three match pairs to advance to the group stage in any race.

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One targeted acquisition could make the goal downright likely.

Captain of the Owls Tim Sparv is currently in the free market. He already admitted last week to Ilta-Sanomat discussed a possible agreement with the CEO of HJK Aki Riihilahti with.

Sparv would be an almost complete acquisition for HJK. As a midfield anchor, he would ideally support Jair Silvaa and Lucas Lingmania.

Sparv would be a great recruitment for HJK in many other ways as well: a role model for young players, additional support for the coaching management and also an individual in terms of publicity that is rarely seen in the Veikkausliiga.

Sparv, 34, who is at the end of his career, has said that he still wants to win the Finnish championship. Now it would be a great opportunity to play with a domestic team in Europe.


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