Comment Finland got what it deserved from the European Championships

Finland must develop so that the competitions are not played in blue and white in the future, writes HS sports journalist Jan Vilén.

Finland her debut in the men’s soccer championships ended with three first-round matches in the European Championship finals.

The matter was confirmed when the E-block of the Games was played to completion on Wednesday, and Portugal, which finished third in the block, was the fourth team to wedge ahead of the Owners in the block-three comparison.

Finland’s balance from the competitions was thus one win and two losses from three matches with a total goal difference of 1–3.

Finland was a playfully clear underdog against Denmark, Russia and Belgium, and there has been debate in various discussions about whether Finland really had a place in the Games.

It was.

A place in the competition is earned through qualifiers, so everyone who redeems their place belongs to the competition.

Did Finland get more than it deserved in the Games?


Football can be played in countless ways, and a football match can be won without being better than your opponent in just about any aspect of the game. It is enough to score more goals than your opponent.

Individual mistakes can settle a match, and in the end, the scoreboard tells you what the teams deserved from the game.

Did the Owls get more than they should have in light of the statistics?


Finland scored only three shots per opponent’s goal in the entire tournament. Opponents fired a total of 16 times towards the Finnish goal.

In total, the shots went to opponents with a score of 19-54. Finland also lost the Ball Control and the number of passes in each match.

The Owners practically did not miss a decent finish in the entire tournament. Kind of good, but unfortunately more of an indication that no goal points could be created.

With such statistics, there should be little points let alone profits.

Still, Finland was really close to the rest. One more point would have brought it. Now the big dream did not come true.

To the Games access meant taking a historic step. After the dream came true, the following began to grow: a continuation of the starting block, admission to the World Championships.

Playing in the European Championships was a significant thing for Finnish football, but the great battles of the Owls are a thin consolation if the 2024 German European Championships are played without Finland.

There is only one sustainable way to secure the venues of the future: the development of players and the way they play.

Then more than one shot per goal is obtained, even in large arenas.



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