Comment Everything is ready for the dream finale – Sweden may be waiting for the Lion next Sunday

Sweden’s performance has been convincing on the World Cup and the team, like the Lions, has strengthened under the big names as the Games progress. Thus, the dream final Finland – Sweden may well come true.

Of the week to reach this year’s World Ice Hockey Championships in Tampere’s Nokia Arena on Sunday. And it is very possible that then we will see a real dream finale: Finland-Sweden.

Based on the Lions Championships and a convincing start in recent years, no place other than the finals and thus the World Championship is enough. Jukka Jalosen for the team.

And after all sorts of difficulties and crunches, it seems that Sweden is the number one favorite opponent of Finland after all.

Not to be fooled by one weak US game. Head coach Johan Garpenlövin Sweden has strengthened with high-quality NHL players throughout the World Cup and put Finland in the starting line-up – after the winning shots. The team’s game has evolved considerably from recent tournaments to this tournament.

Sunday’s victory in Norway with goals 7-1 was one more example that the necessary cylinders can be found. With the victory, Sweden even became the number one favorite alongside Finland. Sweden, which occasionally played with a little austerity, took a clear victory over its neighbor.

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Sweden, like Finland, has “that little extra” in its line-up. The lions have it Miro HeiskanenIn Toronto, Sweden William Nylander.

William Nylander can mock the defenders.

Nylander took over the World Cup as soon as he scored 1 + 2 against Norway. He can be the player who brings the solution to his team in big games.

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Swedish gambling seems to be a success. Tre Kronor started its starting block with three chains and new NHL aids were patiently expected for the remaining places. They were also obtained, albeit dropwise.

Keeper Linus Ullmark and defender Marcus Pettersson debuted only in the United States match. Nylander only drew his opening draw on this spring’s World Cup ice against Norway.

Overall, the Swedish line-up is tough in this tournament, even eligible for the championship. In addition to the high-quality European players, 12 players who played in the NHL this season were caught in the group.

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Although the very number one stars in the country, especially at the head of attack, are not involved, there is a lot of quality to be found in North American aid.

Rasmus Asplund has already struck six goals and leads the paint exchange. There are five NHL players in the defense and Nylander scored as much as 80 points in the regular season regular season. That’s four points more than the Czech annealed David Pastrňákilla.

The only question mark is at the mouth of the goal. Whether Garpenlöv is the number one watchman refers to Detroit, who carried the opening race Magnus Hellbergin or in the midst of the Ullmark Boston that joined?

Magnus Hellberg has played most of the Swedish games in the World Cup.

If The Lions take care of their chores and win the Czech Republic, also taking it to the group victory. The Swedish media was not even very sorry about the loss to the United States. Namely, in block A, Switzerland’s victory over Canada modifies the expected course of the playoffs.

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If the semi-finals go as expected and no surprises are seen in the final rounds, Sweden would face Switzerland instead of Canada in the semi-finals.

Although Switzerland is playing a convincing tournament, Sweden is not going against the Alpine country, at least as an underdog. On the EHT tour, Sweden knocked out Switzerland just before the World Cup.

The Canadian line-up and game performances have not been charming in Helsinki. Finland, which plays in front of a home crowd, seems stronger than Canada. It is not worth going too far, but you can look at the future on the basis of what the first block tells you.

So it is very possible that Nokia-Arena will see the final of the 2011 Bratislava final between Finland and Sweden next Sunday. At that time, Finland won 6–1 with a memorable goal.

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