Comment England lost the championship and won the nation on their side, but the ugly behavior of the supporters ruined the gloss

Although the English have been taken over by the progressive, the national team will not get rid of the fact that it will continue to be joined by a flock of supporters who have bullied and beaten supporters from other countries during the tournament. They are the ugly face of patriotism and support, writes HS sports journalist Ari Virtanen.

Sport has shown both beautiful and ugly faces in the European Football Championship. On the one hand, how the tournament, shared by twelve countries, has spread the coronavirus and the resulting anxiety across Europe, and on the other hand, how much joy and a sense of togetherness the European Championships have produced in the participating countries since last year.

The tournament has also been a battleground for political ideas. The more Uefa tried to hide politics and rainbow symbols during the tournament and thus bend to the authoritarian rulers of Eastern Europe, the stronger the politics pushed out.

On the other hand, politics has also turned out to be a takeover of symbols. Once again, the flags of nation-states, owned by nationalists in many countries, have been seized.

This has been the case, for example, in England, where people who could not have imagined wearing the English flag or sneaking into a national team shirt have now dared to wear symbols and own a team. The reason for this is the progress of the English team.

When players have knelt for equality before games or fed poor school children, a team is accepted as a team for everyone.

Loughboron professor of sociology at the university Richard Giulianotti tells HS that team coaching and players have seemed more advanced than teams from the past.

“Past coaches might have tried to keep social issues and politics out of football. Head coach of England Gareth Southgate recognized that politics and sport are intertwined in many ways. It has opened up a positive space for people with advanced views on the English national team, and in sport and football in general, ”says Giulianotti.

As the English national team began to treat the media as a friend and collaborator, the attitude of the media also changed.

Although indeed, the progressive have taken over the team, the national team will not get rid of being joined by a flock of supporters who have bullied and beaten supporters from other countries during the tournament, buzzing opponents’ national anthems, rushing without tickets to the final and leaving destruction behind in London. They are the ugly faces of patriotism and advocacy.

The horrific impact of sport also comes to light as domestic violence as England plays. According to a 2013 study, the risk of domestic violence increases by 26 per cent if England wins and 38 per cent if England loses.

When English plays, women lose.

According to another study, in 78 percent of domestic violence cases during matches, the perpetrator was a man and the victim a woman. And yes, alcohol is strongly linked to these cases of domestic violence.

Rumat statistics and the problem of supporters are forgotten when a story is built in England about how the team has united a people divided by secession from the EU and attitudes towards, say, the Black Lives Matter movement.

“As for Brexit, one could say that England has never been so entangled in Europe in football before. So many players have evolved in coaching the best European coaches. The benefits of immigration and cultural exchange can be seen in the success of the English national team, ”says Giulianotti.

To that, Giulianotti does not believe that the success of the team would have a long-term impact on the country.

Now the drug is evaporating, and the disappointment is huge.



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