Comment Awak Kuier has been left in the role of statistician in WNBA games, but there is no cause for concern

Awak Kuier, reserved for the WNBA at an exceptionally young age, is still in Dallas Wings on a learning trip.

History as the first Finnish WNBA player Awak Kuier has been in a very small role in his team in Dallas Wings during his new season in North America.

On the night between Saturday and Sunday, Finnish time Kuier played Minnesota Lynx victory just over two minutes, scored two points and took two rebounds. The readings are modest, but on the other hand they are still better than Kuier’s averages.

However, there is no cause for concern about the talent situation of the 19-year-old.

It was expected that Kuier’s debut season could very well go to get used to. This season, he is not in Dallas solving games but learning and evolving for the future.

The WNBA can be described as a battlefield for experienced players. The majority of WNBA’s current star players were born in the late 1980s or early 1990s.

Born in 2001, Kuier’s time to shine is still a long way off.

Positive it is already the case that Kuier has been admitted to the WNBA this season at all to learn the ways of the house. Every workout and minute of play are steps forward, as is every experience of success and failure.

In terms of his role, Kuier is no exception, and other players booked this year have also experienced a slow run-in. Reserved in front of Kuier for Wings Charli Collier has got some more playing time than a Finn, but he hasn’t really counted on him at this stage either.

On top of all that, Kuier is two years younger than American players in his booking class, and other college players his age won’t be eligible for booking until 2023.

When they get used to the WNBA in time, Kuier may well be a big player.

Even here during the season, Kuier has had time to show a few glimpses, among other things, of his ability to defend against even smaller attackers.

At this point, however, more important than flashes is the development that takes place behind the scenes and headlines. That development is only really indicated by the excerpts Kuier presents when he returns to Europe in the winter.

Awak Kuier’s WNBA income season as statistics

  • Matches: 5 (in the opening lineup 0)

  • Minutes of the game: 4.6 / match

  • Score: 1.0 / match

  • Disc balls: 1.8 / match (offensive disc balls 0.4 / match)

  • Feeds: 0.4 / match

  • Blockings: 0.2 / match

  • Deprivation: 0.0 / match

  • Losses: 0.6 / match

  • Errors: 0.2 / match

  • Three point throws: 0/3 (0%)

  • Two point throws: 1/2 (50%)

  • Free throws: 3/4 (75%)

Source: WNBA.



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