Comment A couple of spots of light and a lot of company from the new faces of the Owls

The goalkeeper’s gloves are in good hands, as the first goalkeeper Lukas Hradecky and the second goalkeeper Jesse Joronen are growing a confident goalkeeper like Carljohan Eriksson, writes HS sports reporter Ari Virtanen.

1.9. 21:59

Owls head coach Markku Kanerva got what he ordered on wednesday. Answers to how Owners ’new faces are doing against Wales, one of Europe’s top teams.

Two clear conclusions can be drawn from Wednesday’s sluggish match. First, the owl goalkeeper gloves are in good hands when the first goalkeeper Lukas Hradeckyn and a goalkeeper Jesse Jorosen behind is growing Carljohan Eriksson like, a confident goalkeeper. Eriksson, 26, who has played in Sweden for recent seasons, has clearly developed as a player.

Second Kaan Kairinen the performance can be considered promising. Perhaps Kairinen can become, at least in the short term, one option that can replace the captain if necessary Tim Sparvin as a defensive midfielder defending the line of defense.

If Kairinen once seemed to be a player who was too static and cautiously passing down passes, he is now a much bolder and more mobile version of the player seen a couple of times ago at HJK. Kairinen gave 44 passes in the match, and his pass percentage was 91. Kairinen said that he survived the match well.

A lot of company was seen on the other new faces, but their performances weren’t as memorable as the players mentioned above.

The calm nature of the Wales match says a lot about that topper Robert Ivanov gave 99 passes, and his ball was played in as many as 607 seconds. The time to the next player’s game is also calculated. The toppers were allowed to ball really calmly at the Olympic Stadium.

Joel Pohjanpalo and Welsh Ben Davies in the butt situation in the Finland-Wales practice match at the Helsinki Olympic Stadium.



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