Combined Herola Fifth combined season finish – Riiber overall cup victory for the fourth time in a row

With the victory in the Schonach race, Riiber rose to number one in the World Cup all-time winning stats.

Ilkka Herola was Fifth in the finals of the combined World Cup season in Schonach, Germany. Herola went to the ski section on the 19th. Eero Hirvonen was 12th and Arttu Mäkiaho 27: s.

The victory in the World Cup was decided by Norway at the end of the race Jarl Magnus Riiber and Austria Johannes Lamparter. Riiber was stronger and won the World Cup overall for the fourth time in a row. Lamparter was second in the race and World Cup.

With the victory of the race, Riiber also rose to number one in the all-time winning statistics of the World Cup. Riiber has profits 49, Hannu Manninen is second in statistics with 48 wins.

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