Combined Composing and lyrics fascinates the combined number one man Ilkka Herola – the band is already together and the first song has been released

Ilkka Herola is thirsting for success. Eero Hirvonen’s knee problems are history: “I enjoy sports to the fullest again”


Finland the combined national team is looking for a clear raise in the upcoming World Cup season. The success of the Finnish team has been too far Ilkka Herolan shoulders after health concerns have slowed in recent seasons Eero Hirvosta.

Now athletes have been training healthy, and there should be no barriers to success.


As a counterweight to sports, Herola has also invested in music. If there’s a longer difficult episode in the World Cup where Herola presses in the gray fog, it will be helped either by chatting with her bandmates or grabbing an instrument. Herola’s number one thing is playing drums, but even the guitar stays on the fingers when needed.

“Musahomma has become a really important thing. The band is already together. Tomi Tajakka is a singer guitarist, my little brother plays guitar, and our makeup bangs on drums. We have also received confirmation for guitar and singing. The work has started productively, ”Herola said in Lahti, where the national team ended its camp on Friday.

The band the first release has already seen the light of day.

“A couple of weeks ago we released a song. I am fascinated by both composing and lyrics. It’s certainly as easy to get to the top of music as it is in sports. All you have to do is announce right after your career that hey, here we are coming to the arena, ”Herola grinned.

Herola’s spring, summer and early autumn have gone as planned. She has stayed healthy. It provides a great starting point for a new era.

“My basic situation is great for power. I was in the best jumping condition of my career last spring. I certainly got very close to my absolute maximum, which these physical qualities can reach. There should be no difficulty in making a result if I can maintain its level. My skiing pace is on a solid footing. ”

Head coach According to Petter Kukkonen, the national team has a good but different training season.

Falko Krismayrin the involvement has jesus really much. Now we have put all his teachings to use and it has clearly cheered up the whole team. I would see this as a kind of new beginning, ”the head coach of the national team Petter Kukkonen said.

Finns the result is stuck in a hill jump. That fact is not disputed by Kukkonen.

“That’s where it’s been. The goal is to get to the top of the sledge to ski. It means ranking in the top five or at least in the top ten on the hill, ”thought Kukkonen a civilian project, a novel about ancient Greece and the Olympics, was completed in late summer.

According to Kukkonen, several meters have been taken in the right direction on the hill.

“Only the sky is the limit, as long as we get the gear on top of the last one, the self-confidence pin and the technical pieces of the jump in place.”

Hirvosen previous seasons have been difficult. Knee pain has hampered the career of a promising athlete too much. Now everything seems to be fine.

“I’m definitely in better physical shape than ever. Early summer physics training was less due to a knee endoscopy performed in the spring. The last time I’ve been able to practice the same quality in 2017. Now I have not been thinking about the whole matter to a knee a few months, “Hirvonen says.

Hirvonen has learned to enjoy sports again. A smile has returned to the athlete’s face.

“In the summer, I have been liberated. Hard goals haven’t gone anywhere, but I don’t take the same pressure from them as I did when I was younger. I can do better in every sector. ”


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