Combined Combined skiing runs from Finns, but the hill is sticky: “It went as badly as ever but can go”

Ilkka Herola and Eero Hirvonen are looking forward to Sunday’s personal race, even though the pair sprint was already crumbling on the hill.


Combined parisprint There was no Finnish party at the Lahti World Cup on Saturday. In Salpausselä, the top spots were a dream for both the first and second teams.

Finland’s number one team Eero HirvonenIlkka Herola rose from the tenth place on the hill to the sixth place.

Norway, which won the race, was just over a minute away. The Norwegian team competed Jens Lurås Oftebro and Jørgen Graabak.

Finland’s second team Otto Niittykoski – Jesse Pääkkönen was 13th in the final.

The hill section after that it was already clear that Herola and Hirvonen would not be able to make any super-ascent. The Finns took a minute to catch the tip in 2×7.5 kilometers.

“We were both able to ski at a good pace. The hill went as badly as ever and we can go. Oddly enough, the skiing section brightened my mind,” Herola said.

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Hirvonen, who is going through a difficult time, considered his own skiing to be the best of the season.

“As soon as I got back to sea level and decent winter conditions, Johan felt good,” Hirvonen rejoiced.

Hirvonen has been out of his mind since the Beijing gig. Returning to everyday life has not been easy.

“There have been a lot of question marks. I’ve been pretty awful. That’s why I was even a little surprised at how well the skiing went. I’d even say this was the best run of the season,” Hirvonen emphasized.

Herola scolded when she could not give the home crowd what she had come to fetch.

“It was great to race in Salpausselä. It would have been even more wonderful to offer fans a decent experience. Hopefully Sunday’s personal race will burst properly. Now the skiing seems to be going, and I’ve also made some good jumps from ‘Beton’. Let’s see if, fortunately, I’m on my side. “

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Hirvonen doesn’t expect too much from himself in Sunday’s race. Since the season has gone badly under the bench, even the slightest success would taste good.

“The kind of itching is that the best of the season might be on its way. The home audience and the sunshine give a pretty nice flow, ”said Hirvonen.

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