Columns What humiliation: The second season of the Adult series is impossible to hate!

The second production season of the Adult series enchanted Juhani Karila.

I do not like From Helsinki. I say it to everyone who talks about Finnish geography.

Then why do you live there, I am asked. I answer that it is necessary because of my work.

The sentence is absurd. You can now write anywhere.

I’m dealing with Looking at my Helsinki tunnel lock Adultsseries. It tells the story of Oona in her twenties (Anna Airola) and Artusta (Elias Salonen) who are suffocating in their stadium. (Okay, Oona is from Kokkola, but that doesn’t stop her from collecting every Helsinki cliché.)

Needless to say, I hated the first season of production. “Incredibly heavy people,” I spoke to my spouse in the spring two years ago. “I wouldn’t take those seconds to follow.”

I watched all season. Horrible program, I thought. When will it be more? Should already, then you should point them again with two fingers and adjust.

Now I have seen almost all new episodes. Humiliation! Adult the second season is impossible to hate. How would I say this … The series is wonderful!

If Oona and Artu’s morbid self-observation and validation breathed a sigh of relief in the first season, now the flap throw comes on like a trot from behind Brahenkentän.

To top it all off, Oona gets real problems in the middle of the season: heartache. The series goes into bullet time mode. The mouthpiece calms down, the scenes slow down, and the story becomes truly touching.

I lean on an even more cumbersome bow. Well, are those ones starting to socialize or not?

Magnificence crowns the unbearably summery Rock. I recognize the locations from Karhupuisto to the Third Line and I miss them all.

Again, one should flannel down the hot Hesar regardless of the masks and safety gaps.

Even the smallest crisis issues in the world of millennials can’t be annoyed. On the contrary, I immediately want to go to Oona’s cafe and order a huge latte with oatmeal.

If the third season is coming soon, you should be a fan again.


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