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Pruning should start with types of inflation, such as swimming. It has a total of 36 trips for women and men.

The Japanese support for the Tokyo Summer Olympics displaced by the coronavirus pandemic has collapsed. According to a survey by the news agency Kyodo, more than 80 percent of respondents thought that the Olympics should be postponed or canceled in the current situation.

Only more than a thousand respondents took part in the Kyodo survey, so the country, with a population of 127 million, is like a drop in the ocean. However, a drop can also matter.

If the Games were postponed again by a year, in 2022 the Winter Olympics would also be held in Beijing. Organizing two Olympics in the same year would not be unique, as it was done until 1992, when the Winter and Summer Games were moved to different rhythms.

The sports coverage of the Tokyo Olympics includes 33 sports, five of which are new. Thus, during the exceptional period, the Olympics would have a good opportunity to weed out the species. Organizing a kind of mini-Olympics could be a relief for the Japanese as well.

Pruning could start with types of inflation, such as swimming, where women and men have a total of 36 trips. Canoeing trips could be reduced from sixteen to eight. There are 22 competition events in cycling. Less would probably suffice.

Many sports are copies of each other. Tokyo is scheduled to compete for the first time in 3×3 basketball, where teams of three will play in one basket. Trampoline gymnastics does not necessarily bring anything new to gymnastics.

Skating is a new kind of summer competition. Tricks are also done on bmx cycling. Of course, young people have to court, but one type of trick covers the need.

Wrestling is often just spying. Non-fiction writer Hannu Pelttari returns in his book Dictator old Olympic history. He suggests that the two Olympic forms of wrestling – freestyle wrestling and Greco-Roman – could be replaced by the tug of war that was in the Olympics between 1900 and 1920. The rope could be pulled by weight class. There would be no ambiguity about the winner.

In football, in hockey, basketball, tennis and golf, success may not be measured by Olympic victories. They are money-making and self-sufficient species anyway.

Men’s Olympic football is a forced tournament: only three players born before 1 January 1997 may be on the team in Tokyo. There is no age limit in the women’s tournament, so it is allowed to stay. Similarly, women’s hockey, where professional leagues don’t work like men’s leagues.

The author is a deputy in HS’s editorial.


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