Columns The light figure next to Danny comes to life – the Armi Desert audition impresses like a million volts

Multifaceted, subtly, insanely addictive; words can’t really be found for Yle’s description of this summer’s audio drama, writes journalist Sanna Kangasniemi.

“Desert Armi here healthy. I was born in September 1958 and died on the second of January 2002. In the meantime, I was alive. ”

Kaboom, jestas, bait swallowed from the first sentences.

Yle’s annual musical drama is not part of my tradition, but now, now, that is, once and for all.

Words or decent expressions did not seem to be found correctly – as you will see above.

I listened to Arena about half of my twenties Armi Aavikko – in between I was alive listening at once. I reluctantly saved the second half until the next day.

Armi Aavikko, who was crowned Miss Finland in the same year I was born, has never been of particular interest to me.

He was a blond figure on television Dannyn next door, singing “You want me to be very affectionate”.

I didn’t expect anything when I started listening.

I got so much that it’s hard to describe.

Next after the episodes I searched: This is what is listening to The Crown for TV series! So an irresistibly high-quality account of the past that mixes fiction and documentary material. Or as Armi Aavikko’s character in the listening says, “This is one story about me.”

Hamus author information. Ah, the script Kati Kaartinen, well, no wonder. Insanely subtle, multi-directional narrative that Antti Leinon in direction, along with familiar and unfamiliar pieces of music, grows larger than the sum of its parts.

The voice is given to Armi Aavikko by the actor Minka Kuustonen. He makes a tremendous accomplishment, turning this story into a Desert to the extent that the eyes of my seven-year-old child, who heard the beginning of one episode, widen: So how can you tell you he was alive…

No no no, this is an actor!

Episodes as it progressed, it was clear that The Crown comparison is enough, not for a Finn. This is where the psychohistory of the homeland now opens up, quite painfully from a new perspective. The fragmented observations of childhood emerged. For example, now even the Miss Games, the whole brings the concept of the Missis, which was served to little girls in the 1980s as one possible path to life. Help!

On top of all that, when I listened to the work in a week when inequality in the music industry and distorted power structures with cultures of exploitation were strongly featured with #punksto, the scenes from the 1970s music world resonated strongly. And lo and behold, Aavikon is also said to have done very well in the boys’ bands, to have been a good dude.

So sad. And based on the experiences just reported to the public, we see it as very time-consuming.

The main thing and the hardest thing to say about this listening I really want to summarize just like this:

Armi Aavikko – in between I was alive will be available in the Arena until August 29th.



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