Columns The “greenwashing” of nuclear power angered the Greens in Germany and Austria

Austria threatens the EU with legal action if nuclear power goes green.

Of Austria the Green Minister for the Environment Leonore Gewessler New Year’s Eve on Twitter was toxic: Austria threatens the EU with legal action if the classification of nuclear power as a climate-friendly form of energy progresses.

The EU Commission’s intention to classify nuclear power and natural gas as climate-friendly came out on New Year’s Eve. It is a political compromise where the best facts do not apply. Natural gas is a fossil fuel and calling it green does not enhance the EU’s credibility. Nuclear power does not emit carbon, but it is a difficult piece in Germany and Austria.

German the new three-party government is inherently divided on many major issues, so it both praised and rebuked the policy.

German Minister of Finance, Liberal Christian Lindner, welcomed the adoption of natural gas, as Germany needs it in a “transition period” before carbon neutrality. Minister of Economy, Greens Robert Habeck, instead accused the Commission of “greenwashing” for both nuclear and natural gas.

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Germany decides to abandon nuclear power in the aftermath of the Fukushima accident in 2011, the Christian Democratic Chancellor Angela Merkelin under.

In a year at the latest, the rest will go out German nuclear reactors. The pace of giving up coal power is slower. With the decisions, Germany will become even more so European climate evil.

The anti-nuclear spirit is strong in Germany. Yet many have stated that shutting down nuclear power before coal was a mistake. There is now a growing concern about energy adequacy and price. Will the additional construction of solar and wind power succeed fast enough?

Quiet future signals may also emerge in Germany regarding the new types of small nuclear power plants that France intends to build. The Christian Democrats are now the largest opposition party, electing a new chairman at the end of the year with a third attempt at a successful veteran politician. Friedrich Merzin.

Merz applied for a prominent nest difference in his party to Merkel for a long time, and now there is room for it. In his book published in 2020 Neue Zeit, Neue Verantwortung he flags for new nuclear technology.

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The author is HS’s Berlin correspondent.

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