Columns The Finnish little Christmas tradition is under threat – Should the group’s drunken trips be restored to their glory?

We born in the 1970s and 1980s are probably the last ones whose maturation was determined by the rituals of turning, Riku Rantala writes in his column.

Last over the weekend, the work took me on a little Christmas cruise to Stockholm.

I didn’t buy the strongest possible beer from taxfree and chilled it under the tap in the cabin sink, and I didn’t clog the sink drain with toilet paper to promote cooling.

At the standing table, I refrained from picking up a pint of free-pouring red wine with a pounding surface every round of food. 40 nightmare shots were left exhausted from my nightclub bill.

There was no bubbling in the cabin extensions this time bouquet, for I had not smuggled liquor into a shampoo bottle. In fact, there were no cabin extensions.

Times have indeed changed!

The previous examples are the cruise years of my youth from the 1990s, that is, basic oats for all the cultivars of a unified culture.

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I chatted along the party in the 2020s until the wee hours. They seemed to be far brighter and more cheerful than the cruisers of my memories.

Very drunk was hardly visible – and if it was, they were middle-aged or other boomers like me. Why?

“Young people have lived in an atmosphere of free choice since birth. They do not need more freedom, but (self) control and reasonableness, ”is the professor of sociology at the University of Jyväskylä. Terhi-Anna Wilska defined.

In the morning I lamp to sunny Stockholm without a mandolin hangover.

Great the “wet generation” of age groups could not be further from the millennials, whose global lifestyle trend emphasizes healthy eating and drinking, caring, and ethical consumption choices.

Of course, in Finnish celebration culture, binge drinking has a place across generational boundaries, but we born in the 1970s and 1980s are the last to adulthood was defined by torture rituals.

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In the morning along a lamp to the sun to Stockholm without a mandolin hangover, and I was thinking about the Finnish little Christmas: is it already on its way to the ö-folder of folk traditions?

Working life psychologist Juha Toivola recently sharpened Kauppalehti, that it would be a good idea to restore the joint drinking trips of the working groups.

To my understanding, Toivola meant that when we eat, stay overnight, travel and celebrate together, we become revealed human things about ourselves, and little by little, doing things together becomes more immediate.

All of those things can be accomplished with less drunkenness. Or can it?

The author is an adventurer in Madventures, a similar producer and author who cruised a total of 11 times in 1992 during a cruise.

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