Columns The Finnish left and the British middle class have the same problem – How to be a credible duunari

Why is the middle class hidden? One reason is that it is useful, writes Annamari Sipilä in her column.

European mental integration is certainly not threatened even by Brexis. The Finnish left and the British middle class have the same problem: how to be a credible duunari.

People’s News reporter Kai Hirvasnoro analyzes this week’s left-wing support from the Left Alliance. Voters outside the core support group are reportedly no longer understanding what the party is talking about. The elite who attended universities teach others how to live. The party is missing (I quote Hirvasnoro, who borrows Timo Soinia) ‘Hairdresser’.

At the same time at the time in Britain, as a dune, there is even a push. The working class is fashionable among the middle class, a bit like lemon polenta cake, poodle derivatives Puppies and medium brown corduroy pattern. This week, the London School of Economics came up for discussion recent research, according to which a significant proportion of the British middle class disguises their own middle class and tries to present themselves as a working class. This is unique in the West, writes a professor at the LSE Sam Friedman (The Guardian 18.1.).

In Britain, as many as 47 per cent of those in middle-class occupations position themselves in the working class. The choice is not always explained even by family background. A quarter of the middle class register as working class, even though their own parents were middle class.

Why the middle class is hidden? One reason is that it is useful. When privileged status has become a curse word, only a fool brings out his own privileges.

Class background self-adjustment is almost the only way to lose your own privileged position if you happen to be a healthy white heterome man. As the bio-based women’s card weakens, the emphasis on the dunar background also attracts women.

It is also about presenting your own life story and your own abilities in the most flattering lighting possible.

Working from the working class brings flair and dynamism to your career. According to a study by the LSE, downward adjustment of one’s own social class was particularly common among actors and those working in television. The present ones brand themselves as dunnars.

In Finland class differences are, of course, a mere line drawn in lake water compared to Britain. Self-whipping about privileges is still fierce for us too. In Finland, too, the well-being of the well-being already promotes their own experiences of poverty. Inspiration is sought from the family tree. The croft grandfather is nothing anymore, he has to be a parasite.

For the left, the atmosphere of value would be the most favorable if the base trainer had not fallen off the ride for some time. Hirvasnoro is now calling for a left-wing male-political expert who drives a car and drinks beer, who would have even sometimes had his hands fat (and now we are not talking about hand cream).

Relatives of the Finnish leftist elite can be found in the British Labor Party’s Momentum movement. Momentum was born to the previous director of Labor Jeremy Corbynin about. The masses were never convinced by Momentum. Labor Elite Lectures on Climate, Gender Equality and Minority Rights Former Labor Voters Went and Voted Boris Johnson conservatives to power. This forced the British left to self-examine: which is more important, to be right or to be in power?

Power those who are thirsty must understand the spirit of the times. Duunarius is fashionable, but the mood is conservative. Conservatism should not be understood as a political movement, but for once, quite literally: a large proportion of voters want to keep, not reform.


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