Columns The family is the worst and Frend is condemned in part unfairly and forgetting the context – the same goes for the judges ’current TV favorites

Your children will judge you, writes Vesa Sirén.

Do you see a bright or bleak future? It also seems to affect attitudes towards past TV series.

Family is the worst began 50 years ago as an advanced television comedy dealing with racism, sexual minorities, abortion, impotence, and other taboos. The main character, Archie Bunker, was an open-minded, even racist conservative, for whom, for example, a star guest Sammy Davis Jr went to laugh.

The worse Archie messed with her black neighbor in her word choices, the sweeter the studio audience laughed at Archie of the past world. Of course, the occasional impracticality and naivety of the younger and more liberal generation also played a part.

At least initially, the screenwriters believed in the victory of liberty. Therefore, Archie could laugh at him without “canceling”. In spite of everything, he was a family member with whom the more liberals quarreled while maintaining family ties.

The series ended appropriately in 1979. The following year, the real-life Archies voted for president Ronald Reagan although the “Archie Bunker as President” bumper sticker also became more common. That’s what the man who said what he was thinking without the hurdles of political correctness was noticed by the Reagan!

At the same time, Archie began to feel more averse to value liberals, because real-life Archies were not sinking into the past. Eventually, the ironic double lighting disappeared: because Archie spoke of racism, the series was eventually seen as racist and not mocking racism.

There is still something topical about the basic idea of ​​the series. A skillfully scripted family series (thanks to a more modern mother figure) in which an anti-immigration / racist father and a value-liberal, say a red-green son-in-law and daughter arguing without breaking the family connection could be just a therapeutic bubble burst.

The protagonists of the Frendit series: Courteney Cox (Monica), Matthew Perry (Chandler), Jennifer Aniston (Rachel) and Matt LeBlanc (Joey).­

1990s Frenditsimilarly, the series is accused from time to time of homophobia, even though the series was largely scripted by a homosexual and laughed at the hokok of heterosexual friends who are constantly stuck in selfishness and in many ways mocking like “gays are completely OK but I am not gay”.

Thus, a viewer who found homophobic remnants of himself could see his hidden attitude brought out and perhaps learned to laugh at himself.

The strategy worked Bill Clinton during the reign of the 1990s, but (himself)understanding of irony faded in the United States after the September 2001 terrorist attacks George W. Bushin season.

A more truthful, literal time saw Frendit in the end, just as homophobic and no longer laughing at the phobias of insecure young people.

However, the series has been defended by a New Yorker TV critic, for example Emily Nussbaum in their tweet chain.

Supplier Anton Vanha-Majamaa for his part, argued that the series was homophobic in HS ‘s Saturday essay behind this link in 2019 and returned to the subject in an increasingly toned way last month on YLE.

“Could it be that we can identify a homophobic figure, for example, or a phobia that characterizes the perspectives of the series more broadly, and then continue to enjoy the work richer than this identification?” he wondered.

For example, a Youtube compilation from the second season of the series can provide additional impetus for reflection:

Good and the variation in more distressing times helps to explain the differences in perspective.

“The irony can be afforded when we do not feel that human rights, such as the status of sexual and gender minorities, are under threat. When human rights threaten to shrink, ironic laughter catches the throat, ”says Professor of Film Studies at Stockholm University and Gender Studies at the University of Tampere. Anu Koivunen.

The irony received a further blow as real racists and homophobics tried to justify their outburst of human hatred with the “smashed and flap” argument.

What about contemporary series? Is he Frendien in the viewing habits of judges, something from which their children will judge them?

“I can’t look Temptation Iceland even a second, but even the smart thirties can see layers in it, ”Professor Koivunen replies.

Right. Tempparit, Paradise hotel, Ex on the Beach. . . and all those most often conservative sex roles, the most cliché-bodied sixpack and curvy bodies, cheating games, and Big Brother soldering.

Their possible contexts also disappear. And your children will judge you.

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