Columns The coronavirus strikes children and young people with side hooks

Youth unemployment has risen, and for many, compulsory schooling or a ban on hobbies also puts an unreasonable strain.

Coronavirus disease is generally very mild in people under 18 years of age. If the age range is limited to 30 years, it can still be said that serious coronary infections are not very common in this age group. With a few exceptions, there have been many exposures but few infections in schools.

Against this background, the increase in youth unemployment seen in the statistics, the compulsory schooling of high school students in the Helsinki metropolitan area and the ban on hobbies for children and young people with restrictions seem unreasonable. The coronavirus does not hit young people directly but with side hooks that rain from different directions.

January At the beginning, it was reported that last year, unemployment among people under 25 in Helsinki more than doubled at worst – and almost doubled in the 25-29 age group. A similar increase in youth unemployment figures was last seen in 2009 during the financial crisis.

In addition, austerity measures resulting from the coronavirus in Helsinki’s budget this year will be targeted at the education sector, ie children and young people.

Last year, colleges introduced certificate selection. Most university places are filled directly on the basis of matriculation or vocational undergraduate grades. Because high school students are now part of the country in distance learning, they are perhaps studying for the most important exam of their lives alone at home.

The pressures are enormous. Distance school is all the more challenging the less support and quiet space available at home. The situation is not alleviated by the fact that due to interest rate restrictions, friends are barely allowed to be seen and hobbies that bring variety are at a break.

Children, even small ones, often enjoy exploring new places and social situations. Staring at the same faces and walls from day to day provides little stimulation. Children and adolescents are also indirectly affected when parents become tired and care may not be available due to a coronavirus epidemic.

In the spring, corona restrictions removed safe adults, such as seeking youth work, from the streets of the metropolitan area, and the problems of young people spending their time there have escalated. In orphanages, safe and permanent adults are the starting point for everything, but especially in the spring, corona precautionary measures added changing substitutes.

In the case of children and adolescents, it can be said that the biggest effects of the virus so far are far from the disease itself.

The author is an urban editor of HS.


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