Columns The corona exit may not bring any relief to everyone

Even if one’s own life returns to its course, not everyone will do it, writes Elina Väntönen, HS’s news manager.

I bought a new home a while ago.

In my mind, above all, two things: a balcony or terrace and a sensible teleworking space. I also dreamed of extra squares.

I probably went through exactly the same ideas as thousands of other Finns over the past year. More time has been spent at home than ever before, and at the same time it began to be noticed flaws that had not bothered me before. New needs came to the home as the time spent there increased.

A heated home trade is, of course, just one of the side effects of the corona. Much more has gone new in an amazingly short amount of time.

Double cloth is a very special year. What unites almost everyone is that the year has been difficult.

Even if Korona had also brought good with her — perhaps insights into her own self or life’s priorities, or her new home — few have survived the pandemic with a mere shrug, without worries or sorrows.

Now, the finish line may gradually begin to loom. The focus is largely on exit plans, that is, how interest rate restrictions could be gradually lifted. In how we could gradually return to normal life.

Nonetheless, many are likely to identify with the feeling that the forces are beginning to run out. Personally, I miss not only people, parties, hobbies and culture, but also the usual atmosphere: the opportunity for spontaneity, the opportunity to do nice things without worry and guilt.

The feeling is often a bit foggy and numb, even in good days. The hours spent in front of the machine and the truncated circuitry seem to dull the brain and thinking.

Over here the special magazine has compiled articles on various topics, asking experts’ views on how to make one’s own life a little easier or better.

Experts share their thoughts on loneliness and its relief, saving money, maintaining a home, better sleep and rest. Concrete help is available for muscle sniffing and warming up the numb body sitting.

You can also test and evaluate how worried you should be about your own coping right now.

Perhaps there is relief from these things for one last crunch in exceptional circumstances. Power for everyday life, as the name of this specialty magazine suggests.

Is however, with the advent of such an exit, it is also important to remember that not everyone can just go back to the former. For everyone, vaccination and deregulation will not bring any relief.

Some do not have a job to return to. It may not be possible to embark on a dream vacation. Friendships may not be the same. Some have lost loved ones to the corona.

Therefore, right now, and even after vaccinations and exits, it is worth remembering to treat the people around you with special compassion. Even if your own life returns to its booms, not everyone will.

Exit would sound like the next era of special empathy. It can be missed even by those who would not guess it from the outside.

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