Columns The British government wants to control cabbage land

For the British government, the treatment of Northern Ireland is a twist on how the country stays together and what popularity the British Conservatives enjoy.

If in the case of interstate agreements, what applies to consumer and trade agreements could, without concern, be interpreted as a breach of contract by Britain.

Britain approved the resignation agreement with the EU after a multi-year twist just before the deadline for negotiations reached. The unconventional difference with the EU was such a major threat to the British economy that the country’s government accepted the Brexit terms – which it apparently did not intend to comply with. Britain is now announcing that it will not fulfill its contractual obligation.

The Minister for Economic Affairs and Industry, Kwasi Kwarteng, said a few months ago that the provisions of the British-EU separation agreement concerning Northern Ireland were not intended to be permanent. Of the problems that arose in Northern Ireland’s trade, it could be interpreted as saying that Britain has the right to tear up the agreement immediately. The EU has different interpretations of permanence and the right to unilateral tearing.

The EU promises to go against Britain and ease the regulation of trade in Northern Ireland. The problem is that the EU’s response does not meet the needs of the British Government.

Britannian to the government, the clauses in the resignation agreement concerning Northern Ireland have no longer been about how they restrict the movement of goods between Northern Ireland and the rest of Britain. There have been problems, but not very serious ones.

For the British government, the treatment of Northern Ireland is a twist on how the country stays together, the popularity enjoyed by British Conservatives, and whose peak is the glimmer of Britain’s current problems of shortages of goods and services and rising prices.

The EU can only lose, as the concessions are used as evidence of the strength of the British Government. For other government needs, the Union is a good enemy, a sinner.

If the action of the British Government is equated with contracts between a trade and a consumer, the situation is, moreover, that the breach of contract demands full power over the judicial control of the contract. The British government believes that the European Court of Justice should not review how Britain stays in its resignation agreement. The buck wants to cabbage as a guard.

Britannian otherwise, there is a severe shortage of labor in the cabbage fields when it is no longer available across borders. EU failure.

The author is the editorial editor of HS.


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