Columns Stress measurement revealed I don’t have much stress – I think I know why

Even at work, you have to sometimes not think about work issues.

“You may an exceptionally flat person, ”Henna Salonius, PhD student in psychology comment on my stress measurement results.

I participated in a couple of weeks of round-the-clock measurement of stress levels. I don’t consider myself a tough stressor, but still the result was surprising.

Stress is a problem that is receiving increasing attention in well-being at work.

For 14 days in my middle finger, I kept the electrical conductivity of the skin ample Moodmetricring. Studies show that the electrical conductivity of the skin responds to unconscious emotional states. Thus, high readings in the measurement period may indicate strong enthusiasm or overload, respectively. Technology that measures the electrical conductivity of the skin has been used, for example, as part of lie detection tests.

Salonius is doing a dissertation on the subject, the premise of which is that early signs of burnout can be seen in readings that measure electrical conductivity.

For many, everyday life means reconciling work, sleep, exercise, friends, a healthy lifestyle, and a possible family and relationship.

Stress levels however, one can learn to count.

I have not worked overtime for years other than in exceptional circumstances. I won’t be left in the office to hone my thing if I’ve agreed to see a friend or decided to go to the gym. When I was younger, I would have been ashamed to say that out loud. All the important work must still be done.

In the wisest jobs, it’s okay to say I don’t have time and I can’t stand it. Overtime can and should be refused. The resilience of the employee is also in the interest of the employer.

Even meaningful work needs to be recovered. According to Salonius, work must be curtailed so that employees remain creative and careers last a long time. In practice, that means sometimes you don’t think about work at all.

There must be breaks in the workday that are needed by both the mind and the muscles of the neck and upper back. Sometimes you have to walk away from your work station even in the middle of the working day.

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My secret my weapon is sleep: i go to bed every night at 10pm, when sleep accumulates 8-9 hours. Then one badly sleeping night doesn’t affect my ability to work at all.

My low stress levels were certainly also affected by the fact that there was a long summer vacation behind me, and the measurement weeks didn’t hit a particularly inspiring or stressful work project. It is still good to continue with this.

Hesar’s lifestyle delivery is going to set an example.

The boss in my department says he works overtime as a recovering alcoholic who has decided to quit work every fall when working hours are full. Last week, two editorial news managers, whose overtime accumulations have long been too large, also undertook the same. In the coming weeks and months, we’ll see if the department’s stuff goes unpublished for this reason.

The author is the editor of HS Lifestyle.

Correction 8/30/2021 at 9:16 AM: Contrary to what was previously read in the story, Henna Salonius is not a psychologist but a doctoral student in psychology.



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