Columns Strange names of cryptocurrencies subvert traditional spelling guidelines

The change in the world is often seen in words in words, but sometimes the effects also extend to spelling.

How is written in a currency called Elon Sperm?

In the work of a linguist, special things sometimes have to be considered. The question of a new cryptocurrency, named after billionaire Elon Musk and semen, still came as a surprise.

It was still quite natural to write one-part names of cryptocurrencies, like traditional currencies, in lower case: when euro and dollar, is also Bitcoin and dogecoin. Instead Elon in Sperm both confusion and the origin of the first part from the first name cause confusion.

Eventually, the text of the magazine ended up with a script that followed the general guidelines elon sperm, the meaning of which can be questioned.

World the change is usually also reflected in the language. This is most evident in the new words and the new meanings of the old words, but sometimes the changes also test the established spelling guidelines. One example is whether a type of name is considered a generic or a proper name.

As late as the end of the 20th century, there were clearly fewer proper names in the Finnish state administration than today. It was conceived as an administrative organization with units under its umbrella, such as school board, surgeon general and building board.

Newer than this Church Board, Metsähallitus and Board of Education however, has been considered as a different name because the activity has begun to be considered more independent in nature.

Also, some of the party names are not as generic as before. Indeed, the old spelling guideline that all new parties should go through the generic name template in media texts was recently updated.

Although still writing for example coalition and green, among other things Business Now may remain unchanged because a mechanically generic “movement now” would be poorly conceived from the text. Original recommendation now movement while many thought it went too far in the twisting of names.

Previously currencies were not created by anyone. In addition, cryptocurrencies change the perception that it is a mere currency. They resemble products in themselves, so it’s no wonder the names are starting to turn into product-like as well.

After deliberation, the Center for Domestic Languages ​​agreed: the traditional Monetary Recommendation as such is not appropriate. Elon Spermin cases such as. According to the new guideline, cryptocurrencies can also be treated under different names.

The author is the language editor of HS.



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