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Finland’s security environment is changing rapidly, but one thing remains: Finland’s defense is really strong.

Finns NATO positions were as long as they were hewn into granite. Then they turned overnight. In the recent Helsingin Sanomat in the survey 48 percent of Finns want Finland to join NATO.

Many of the old NATO supporters must have felt as if the crowd had rushed over from left to right to submit a NATO application. For example, Mika Aaltola, the director of the Foreign Policy Institute, who toppled the people with his TV analyzes, spoke beautifully about NATO even when it was still an ugly word. At the moment, however, according to Aaltola, it is not the right time to submit a membership application.

The same can be heard from many sides. After consulting several key decision-makers, I would summarize the situation this way: before the crisis, key decision-makers were closer to NATO than the national average. Now they are further away.

In a hectic situation, even the slightest reservations can feel daunting or fearful. Rapid action is especially needed by many whose positive NATO position still shines with its freshness. Those responsible for making decisions on this matter do not offer as straightforward solutions as would be desired right now.

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Keep recalls that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has not broken the hardest core of Finland’s security policy, which is its own strong defense capability.

The hypocrisy of President Vladimir Putin did make it clear that Finland would have a special relationship with Russia, but did anyone in the adult really believe it? If we really trusted Russia, why did we take care of our defense capabilities, enter into military partnerships, cherish a NATO option, and order just 64 brutally effective fighters?

Therefore, even in the current situation, Finland is not helpless in front of Russia. The same basic truth still applies as before the war in Ukraine: Russia should not pay the price for attacking Finland.

Russians who know their history remember how the Finns fought with poor weapons in 1939–40, so they hardly want to face the Finnish army strong – especially when the Finns have a strong will to defend themselves.

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In the days of Soviet power, Finland was at the mercy of its neighbor. Outwardly, however, he appeared confident. It was known that if the Finns had not believed in themselves, no one else would have believed in us. Now there is more power, so it is worth sticking to faith.

Russian the attack on Ukraine has created fears but also alleviated them. Propaganda films have seen the military power of the great power with its various miracle weapons, but in Ukraine there seems to be a rotation of traditional Russian soldiers with a shortage of both petrol and the will to fight.

It is also difficult to understand what Russia would seek from Finland. Talks about restoring the tsar’s borders are horror entertainment, not serious talk. However, the Russians are to blame themselves for those speeches.

The Finns were aroused by the list of demands published by Russia in December, by which Russia bundled Finland and Sweden into its own sphere of interest. It was a new kind of speech.

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Earlier, Russia emphasized that it was satisfied with Finland’s stable line. When asked, Russia warned against retaliation if Finland joined NATO, but it almost felt like a liturgy. After the war in Ukraine no longer seems.

Russia seems to be pushing Finland into NATO with its behavior. Such a wooden eye raises the question of whether the Kremlin host is all right.

The worst Russia’s attack on Ukraine is not about its ruthlessness: Putin has always been known to be cruel. The worst is the absurdity that makes Russia unpredictable and dangerous. In this situation, Finland’s security may need new support and credibility. President Sauli Niinistö visited Washington to discuss this.

The security of the world and Europe is now moving so fast that Finland must also move to keep up.

The author is the forerunner of the editorial office.

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