Columns Punkstoo brought the victims to the spotlight and raised a report of defamation – Did the campaign do its job?

The social media trial has its own pitfalls, but campaigns like Punksto have another purpose.

Something of the court The hammer crashed into the Finnish music scene when the image service Instagram began to share anonymous harassment stories from within different communities.

The first to turn was a Punkstoo account about the problems of the punk community, in the wake of which rap and metal communities opened their own channels. They seek to spark a debate about the hatred of women, the use of power and sexual violence in music circles.

With the releases, many artists fell off their stages and the victims stepped into the spotlight.

Anonymous publications raised questions about the legal security of the parties and the verification of information. The publication of serious allegations can be detrimental to the victim himself or to the person sharing the information. Enthusiasm came true when the musician Teemu Bergman filed a criminal complaint of defamation against him on the basis of handwriting.

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Criticizing some of the trial is justified, but the campaign has another role to play.

Sexual the right to self-determination can be violated in an unfortunate way in many ways, each of which is not recorded separately in the law. Herein lies the significance of the stories: they increase our understanding of the forms, extent, and multifaceted nature of sexual violence. The nuances emerge in people’s experiences.

Abuse is rooted in manipulation, manipulation, border violations, and abuse of power. Many perpetrators hide behind a good type of reputation, making the position of victims even more vulnerable. Would anyone believe if I told you?

Anonymous stories allow victims to be heard. They tear the veil of shame and fear and encourage others to demand justice. They give victims a testimony that their experiences matter.

In the music industry promises to eradicate sexual violence raise hopes for structural change. However, I believe that the ultimate change will take place in people’s minds.

The stories require everyone to look in the mirror and consider whether they themselves have been the perpetrator or perhaps the tacit acceptor in similar situations. They demand to ask what they themselves could do differently in the future.

Punkstoo once again showed how misogyny and the culture of rape extend their tentacles to every corner of society – even to their own, familiar and safe community. It is only a matter of time before whose statues are poured down next.

The author is an editor of HS.



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