Columns Necessary restrictive measures for the summer

The hybrid strategy minimizes contacts to the latch and screwdriver, but maximizes couch time.

Family the summer committee has proposed restrictions and measures aimed at preventing and combating harmful annual leave, safeguarding family peace and ensuring the functioning of social and food care.

The growth rate of the number of annual holidays has remained unchanged since Easter, but the incidence has decreased. It is likely that growth will continue despite current efforts. Due to the rapidly spreading summer holiday transformation, the development may lead to a sharp increase in annual leave.

According to the models, in Uusimaa, for example, up to half of working-age people can get summer vacation by midsummer. In school age, the proportion is likely to be even higher.

The proposal under the hybrid strategy introduces the necessary restrictive measures to prevent the annual leave from moving from the comfort phase to the dissemination phase of the plans. Timely action will ensure that those in an established relationship continue to live in the same household even in August.

In the performance temporarily restricting people’s freedom of movement for one month from 11 June. The purpose of the restriction is to reduce encounters between people and to ensure safe, uninterrupted and adequate follow-up to the European Football Championships if the matches are held.

Restrictions also aim to minimize contacts with cleaning utensils and tools. Housekeeping, cleaning, gardening and renovation work with both a lacquer and a screwdriver are only permitted in necessary cases.

The show includes exceptions that allow people to leave the vicinity of television. In addition to taking care of the carrying capacity of the food service, it is permitted to leave the home in order to acquire, for example, barbecue equipment or other equipment necessary for personal life.

Doing business in specialty stores is prohibited during the restriction period, except for specialty cell stores.

Presentation according to which, from 12 July, the restrictions will be lifted in a controlled manner, taking into account the annual holiday situation. Even then, it is recommended that you should not meet outsiders unless you are forced to. It is recommended to keep a safety distance of two kilometers for awkward relatives.

The Family Administration Committee is due to discuss the proposal in the coming days. The committee either approves the proposal or returns it to preparation.

The author is the editor-in-chief of HS.

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