Columns Man needs to celebrate his life, but during the coronary virus, they accumulate in storage

A flat sheet of coronavirus is starting to feel heavy because you can’t even expect highlights to cut it.

In the playground In Meilahti, Helsinki, a primary school boy is in trouble. Parents shake the biggest Snow brought by Pyry in January off the park benches. A pennant is tuned between the trees.

“Hey, I have birthdays, the point will be strangers. We have a grill with us, that kind of disposable grill, ”the boy tells passers-by excitedly.

At the Meilahti playground, guests in their winter overalls sit in a ring sipping a hot drink and eating a sausage. The hero enjoys.

The passer-by thinks: oh how I miss the party, the friends, the togetherness.

Junior outdoor birthdays have become a coronavirus year phenomenon. There have been sports birthdays, toboggan runs, camping birthdays. In the summer, the parents dismantled the birthday bill accumulated in the spring. Birthdays in the fall and winter have already become a country custom.

When was the last time you celebrated? At Christmas maybe with the family? Due to the caution of coronavirus infections, several round-year birthday parties, x-number Christmas parties and y-number parties have been missed for no particular reason.

Man needs celebrations and encounters in their lives. Conversations in the crowded kitchen, dancing and good food. A flat sheet of coronavirus is starting to feel heavy because you can’t even expect highlights to cut it.

If a teleworker doesn’t meet anyone but the same one-fingered people, i.e. family members and a cashier at the store, friends will start to feel more valuable than ever before.

For the party is often associated with a rite of passage. You are a student who gets to sing with others Gaudeamus igitur. You are a high school graduate who gets to celebrate on the truck stage. You are a bride or groom who has found someone important next to them. This joy is needed in concluding one stage of life and starting another, because the next thing is to be able to pinch the entrance exams, the student writings, the common everyday life.

Few can spend their free time opening Teams or Zoom and simulating parties virtually. Conversations at these parties cannot overlap. Video call parties have a hint of meeting room atmosphere.

The rapidly spreading form of the coronavirus is already in Finland. Celebrating in a large group would be a sure way to get the virus to spread. The party accumulates in the warehouse. While waiting for them.

The author is the domestic supplier of HS.


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