Columns “Jussi said really well” – Annika Saarikko always praises Jussi Halla-aho, but he hardly fails

A natural way for a middle-aged man to disagree sharply and sarcastically with a young woman who praised him a moment ago has not yet been invented, writes Jari Tervo in his column.

Last Wednesday In studio A. prime minister Sanna Marin (sd) was a bad police officer and a minister of science and culture Annika Saarikko (central) good police. Marin teased the chairman Petteri Orpolle (kok) on mask issues, while Saarikko continued his line: chairman Jussi Halla-ahon (ps) taming by flattering.

As Minister of Family and Basic Services, Saarikko already attracted attention during Parliamentary Question Time. Saarikko also thanked the strangely asking MPs for raising an important issue. He made his thanks sound sincere, although because of their number they could also be considered a reflex.

This week In studio A. Saarikko twice thanked Halla-aho: “The Infectious Diseases Act helps with this long situation, which Jussi describes well.” There is also self-evident Saarikko memory praise Halla-aho: “For that I am with you Jussi agree that, ultimately, the parliament and the government bears the overall responsibility for the situation in Finland.”

More than a month ago, Saarikko visited the same program on the same subject: “Jussi said really well that only if wealth is created, there is something to share. I have a very similar situation. ”

The archipelago thus represents the center, the ruling party, and Halla-aho the basic Finns, the opposition party. In Finnish politics, gratitude is almost always extended only to members of one’s own party. Sometimes rarely also to members of another governing party if your own party is on the board. But never to representatives of the opposition.

Why does Saarikko work like this? Is he just such a cordial person that he bursts into praise when he encounters a neighbor? Or will he betray post-election co-operation with basic Finns instead of demarches? Saarikko has said that the Basic Finns are suitable as a government partner for the center he runs.

Hardly The archipelago is still cheating. Before the next parliamentary elections, there should still be municipal elections in which the Center Party and the Basic Finns attract the same voters. The archipelago only takes advantage of a still life in television conversations in which a 36-year-old female politician with a friendly and bright reputation meets a 49-year-old male politician with a reputation for malice. The archipelago collects weapons from Halla-aho.

The political game book is familiar with many ways of discussing. The natural way in which a middle-aged man could sharply and sarcastically disagree with a young woman who praised him a moment ago and still achieve popularity with viewers has not yet been invented.

Male politicians remember vehemently that a young female minister can characterize the opinion of a middle-aged male politician as shit speech and cope with it – a deliberate pun – with clean papers. In the current culture of conversation, I do not recommend trying the opposite. In Some, the actions of the prosecutor, judge and executioner have been combined to save time.

Television talk shows just make you feel. Blasphemy is linguistic wealth, but it has been marginalized as elitist. This brings its own tone to Saarikko’s way of speaking. When he does not thank President Halla-aho, but prefixes this, he gets his school shades in his praise as if he were praising the front desk, Jussi, 7yrs:

“Jussi has brought a nice apple to the teacher again.”


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