Columns I was in California in 2006 at the Daft Punk gig, which turned out to be the most important start of the millennium and the edm boom – but I went to sleep

Daft Punk, who published little studio albums and seemed like a perfectionist, has a huge impact on 21st century pop music culture, but the end of the tale was not necessarily here, writes music journalist Aleksi Kinnunen.

On Monday the incoming news of the closure of the French big name Daft Punk in electronic music and pop rose to the front page news and the “breaking news” of the music world. It’s hard to come up with a band or artist that would have had a bigger impact on 21st century pop music trends.

Would have blown ten years ago as pop’s leading auteur Kanye West found his recipe for electronic pop, vocoder vocals and space aesthetics without Daft Punk Discoveryalbum?

How about a tidal wave of tens of thousands of teens dancing in Kyläsaari and Hietaniemi at the Weekend Festival David Guettan and Calvin Harrisin pace without Daft Punk’s groundbreaking 2006-2007 Alive tour?

Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo popularize Homeworkwith his debut album (1997) house music for the rock audience and with their offensive sound laid the foundation for the later success of the band Justice, for example. However, just retrofuturist streamlined and sampled Discovery (2001) can be considered central to the later development of pop.

With the band remaining on their last album With Random Access Memories (2013) – one of the masterpieces of the last decade – the duo jumped into something new again, inspired by the warm sound, analog technology and Giorgio Moroderista.

The culmination of this, Daft Punk performed together at the 2014 Grammy Gala Stevie Wonderin, Nile Rodgersin and Pharrell Williams with.

Pop’s decades embraced each other wonderfully like on an album that won five Grammys.

Its own chapter has been a cult attached to Daft Punk. The duo, hidden as robots, has been like pop music Banksy or Elon Musk, whose every sign of life has been interpreted as divine revelation.

Monday’s closing news cut off the band’s return to the festival stages every spring, at least for a moment. Daft Punk’s last actual gig was experienced in December 2007.

I was personally present at the tour opening at the Coachellan Festival in California in 2006, where Daft Punk presented his famous spaceship-inspired light pyramid stage. The concert is considered to be the starting point for the boom of electronic dance music of the 2010s, ie edm, marked by spectacular DJ gigs.

Afterwards, it seems amusing that I left in the middle of perhaps the most famous concert of the millennium: the idea of ​​sleeping in a tent under the starry sky felt more appealing in the morning than a numb jerk. I was just a human being, not a bail robot.

Can hold strangely, Daft Punk never returned to the stages, contrary to expectations Random Access Memories after the album, though the band’s reputation continued to swell.

Daft Punk could probably have collected the biggest gig awards in the industry in recent years. Money did not seem to be the primary motive of the duo, who seemed to be artistic perfectionists.

Questions were left in the air. Was there a new album going on in the band’s camp, maybe looking in a new direction again? In Monday’s farewell video message, the robots will travel in different directions before the self-destructive explosion and a picture of the low-reflecting sun. It undeniably seems to be rising.

The myth of Daft Punk would fit well that the final explosion is not yet the decision of the entire space saga.

Correction 23.2. at 4:13 p.m .: Daft Punk announced his termination on Monday, not Tuesday.


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