Columns I felt the movement of a teacher who had made a paper flower for his students

In the midst of the coronavirus epidemic, I have experienced numerous encounters and tricks in schools.

Last on saturday my social media was full of pictures of proud parents about their offspring.

Someone had finished first grade, one elementary school, another elementary school. One graduated in the profession, the other as a student.

The school’s closing ceremony was celebrated with ice cream, strawberries and flowers. Certificates and numbers were not the main thing, but pure joy from the start of the summer vacation.

In addition to the students, I also saw the relieved updates from the teachers that the heavy school year is behind us.

One had made small paper flowers for all his students and wrote a personal message for each of them.

I have to admit, I felt the movement.

Abundant During the year, everything other than encounters has been discussed in Finnish schools. There has been talk of mask recommendations, distance learning, digital education, special education and school differentiation. I have written some of this stuff myself.

It is, of course, important that we talk about grievances such as bullying. However, the general public may have come to believe that the school system is somehow broken. Is not.

I am Despite the coronavirus, he was able to visit chat gigs in schools and educational institutions all over Finland by security measures.

I have met a first grade teacher who addresses all of her students as crumbs or loved ones.

In high school, I met a resource teacher who tirelessly cycled to unlock the secrets of math for an eighth-grader.

One vocational school teacher did her best to find a place for on-the-job learning for each student.

Teachers have had to stretch unprecedentedly during the Korona period. But they have still managed to face each of their pupils or students as individuals.

And teachers are not the only ones. Equally, I have witnessed students who trick each other. Students who have overcome difficulties. Students who believe in the future and that everything will be fine.

I am have been able to witness and experience in Finnish schools such interactions, which have thus been less common elsewhere in society during the pandemic.

Despite the mask recommendations and concept ideas, at these story gigs, I may have for a moment forgotten that the whole epidemic existed.

Thanks for that.

The author is the supplier of the domestic delivery of HS.



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