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Marine Le Pen’s party Rassemblement National has changed its style and line to come to power.

In 2017 In Europe, an attack by populist parties was expected. However, the rise remained subdued.

The Dutch parliamentary elections led to a party field upheaval, but not a far-right victory. The French presidential election was won by center-right Emmanuel Macron, and his party took a big slice of the seats in the National Assembly.

Exactly one year from now, France will vote again on the President and Parliament. The French elections are very significant, as Germany’s top leadership and politics are in turmoil. France has room to take more and more leadership in the EU.

According to recent measurements, the presidential election is the most recent in 2017: Macron and far-right Marine Le Pen will rise to the second round. But this is where the complete identity ends.

Le Pen’s Rassemblement National has changed its style and line to come to power. Until now, France has been able to count on it to win, which is against a far-right candidate in the second round of elections. It is no longer as clear.

In the latest in support measurements, Le Pen has been in Macron’s peso, but lost when they are set against each other. In the 2017 election, the left had no difficulty in settling in support of Macron in the second round. In next year’s election, Macron may not have this luxury.

The French far right has suppressed criticism of the EU and is now seeking votes, emphasizing its opposition to Islam and Macron. The party combines the harsh themes of law and discipline to defend locality and work in a way that appeals to the Dunnars.

France a badly knocking coronavirus pandemic does not tax Macron’s support. It’s hard for the French to believe that Le Pen or someone else would have handled the pandemic better. Economic growth is also likely to accelerate before the elections. The fact that threatens Macron is more vague: a sense of a shattering identity.

Announced by former French army officers and soldiers two weeks ago open letter hit this point. They accused Macron of failing to suppress Islamism and prevent the country from disintegrating into hate groups.

Macron’s criticism was valid for Le Pen, but the same accusation of losing unity is signed by many who have traditionally supported the left. They remember, for example, the yellow vest demonstrations and Macron’s elitism.

Fresh in inquiry asked which candidate best defends the secular values ​​of the republic. Le Pen defeated Macron.

The author is the editorial editor of HS.

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