Columns Does the simulator teach you to drive?

Driving instruction can consist of, for example, five simulator driving lessons and five driving sessions with a real car.

Junior has come to the age that a driver’s license must be obtained. Teaching yourself with a teaching permit would be an attractive option, but finding time and keeping your own surface is questionable. So you have to turn to driving school.

A quick price comparison shows that a B-card would be detached from several places with a minimum price of less than 800 euros without official fees. But will it survive the driving test and – more importantly – everyday traffic?

Driving license law the reform came into force in the summer of 2018, and its main goal was to lower the price of a driver’s license.

The reform reduced compulsory education. Previously, the minimum requirement for compulsory driving hours was 18 hours, now there must be a minimum of ten. Of course, extra hours are allowed, but taking them is the student’s own decision.

The reform also facilitated the practice of teaching licenses by waiving the obligation for a teacher’s theory test and the requirement for a change inspection of a teaching license car.

The popularity of the teaching permit has grown. Last year, according to the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency (Traficom), almost a third of new drivers already obtained their driving licenses with a driving license.

In a nationwide price comparison carried out two years ago, the average price of a minimum package of a B driving license was 1,211 euros. However, the extremes of the price range were far apart: EUR 797-1,670. There do not seem to be any major changes in pricing in two years, but a price comparison is definitely worth making. Likewise content comparison.

Minimum prices the secret is a big part of the simulator run. Driving instruction can consist of, for example, five simulator driving lessons and five driving sessions with a real car. The number sounds small, especially if you haven’t driven a car before. And there are few, because you can’t just get behind the wheel of a field truck or on a closed track in an urban area. The simulator is a good and safe tool for teaching, but it is not a substitute for a genuine driving experience.

However, the reduction of mandatory driving hours and the simulator have not compromised road safety. Although the risk of death for young drivers is more than three times that of the general population, according to traffic safety statistics, the number of road deaths and injuries among young people has decreased significantly over the last ten years.

To be sure, the junior will take more driving lessons in the right car than in the simulator.

The author is the editor-in-chief of HS.


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