Columns Does anyone really want to listen to the music of only one past era on the radio?

Nostalgia channels are radio jukeboxes. The same songs play in them from day to day, and the listener gets bored quickly, writes Sampsa Oinaala.

On summer vacation i did renovations with my friend. He liked to listen to Radio Nostalgia in the background of his work.

At first, it was a refreshing acquaintance for me for a long time. Guaranteed 1970s pop seasoned with a few 60s and 80s hits. What about that …

But after hearing the same songs from day to day for a week – sometimes even in almost the same order – nostalgia began to swell out of my ears. It became clear that the channel’s playlist is short and slowly renewing.

Radio Nostalgia was founded in 2011. Last year, two new nostalgia channels appeared on the radio airwaves, Kasari and Ysäri.

They have an even more limited music profile than Radio Nostalgia. According to the names of the channels, only music made during one decade can be accommodated. An interesting detail is that Finnish music shines with both Nostalgia and Kasari in its absence, but there is some of it on Ysär’s lists.

The idea of ​​channels is quite special. Does anyone really want to listen to music from just one era? Are there people who think that the production of good music began, for example, in 1990 and ended in 1999?

Radio Nova advertises its music offering with the slogan “the best mix of classics and the coolest novelties”. It’s a pretty good crystallization of the endeavor of a basic commercial radio station.

Favorite songs from past years and decades are selected for the playlist, and with them constantly oven-fresh recordings. Radio has always played an essential role in the creation of new hit songs.

Nostalgia channels are completely new. If the playing rotation is otherwise short and the turnover is small, the channel will become a jukebox of up to a few hundred songs that everyone knows.

Finns are traditionally very loyal to the radio stations they listen to, i.e. they regularly listen to only a few channels. Some have locked their receivers to a single channel.

It’s hard to imagine anyone being able to listen to nostalgia jukeboxes for longer on a day-to-day basis. They are staging channels and therefore have no chance of reaching the masses.



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