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We are not responsible for our own happiness, but for something much bigger, writes Maaret Kallio.

I admit. The talk of happiness in recent years has at times already made me squirm and irritated.

I wouldn’t be able to read a single book or article anymore about how you can make yourself happy and file your life just the way you look, without caring. And yet on top of thriving, slimming, meaningful and shining. I couldn’t stand stories of how we have to think more and more about ourselves and forget about each other.

Happily when it comes to much more than just your own hub.

That’s why I also grabbed a researcher who argued for happiness Ilona Suojasen to a recent book with a little skepticism. However, I was pleased to note that the book’s core message and solid research evidence are on the other side of all individual filing. The individual has important rights and opportunities, but they are only a small part of the overall picture, other aspects of which are constantly left behind in the current debate.

According to Suojanen, instead of an individual’s happiness, one should look at it shared happiness responsibility.

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The idea of ​​happiness responsibility opens by answering a few simple questions: Do you feel that happiness is your sole responsibility, mostly your own responsibility, shared with everyone or solely with others?

Suojanen conducted a doctoral dissertation with younger experts in various fields and sought an answer to who the respondents think happiness is responsible for.

The result is shocking, as it relies heavily on the individual. Respondents saw happiness attached to themselves. An age-old saying, where everyone is a blacksmith of their own happiness, lives stubbornly in their new clothes. You can do anything! It’s all up to you! Do this and you will succeed! Attitude counts!

There is an individual and it is in the interest of the community that this hard-seated belief be called into question, because we have much more to pursue. The responsibility for happiness is, in fact, much broader than the Western individual-centered perception.

The lucky one who has been successful in his life may not see how much others have helped his journey almost unnoticed.

It is not just about an individual’s ability, but all the happiness he or she has gotten through with the help of others in his or her life. In a society that provides strong support structures, they may forget how important they are to an individual’s happiness and security. The impact of other people, the surrounding community, and society on our chances of happiness is great.

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Strict faith and the demand for one’s own omnipotence for happiness is even cruel. It’s really not all up to you.

There is no happiness not only self-earned, but also coincidence. We cannot choose our growing family, country of birth, illness, or accidents, even though there are many that we can strongly influence on our own.

The understanding of shared responsibility for happiness is merciful the other way around too: all misfortune and suffering in life is not the fault of man himself, but much of chance. There is a lot of difficulty that is in no way the result of an individual’s failed choices or attitude problem, but of a larger pattern.

We are not on the same line in the possibilities of happiness, even though as human beings we are completely equal.

Happiness will come look from three angles: what can I do for my own happiness? What can we do for each other’s happiness? And what can society secure to support our happiness?

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None of this alone, but each as one major pillar of the same table.

Shared responsibility for happiness is a solid concept that should be left to bite for longer, even for the rest of your life. As you plan for the future, don’t just think about what you want, want, and need, but also think about what you can do for the happiness and safety of those close to you and others. Although a secure society stands behind us, the weight of humanity and humanity, which is everyone’s responsibility, cannot be placed on its shoulders. At best, society does not replace man for man.

Each of us is responsible for a much larger pattern of our own happiness: each other’s happiness and the common good. When you think about it and implement it, you inevitably increase your own happiness.

This world is not primarily about me, but above all about us. We are not blacksmiths of our own happiness, but something even more important. We are building each other’s happiness.

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