Columns Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party rolls despite Brexit problems for a number of reasons

When a Finn looks at Britain, he thinks of Brexit. From within Britain, the number one problem is another, the pandemic.

Britannian Prime Minister Boris Johnson does not seem to be held back by anything: no Brexit, no coronavirus, no economic problems. According to the latest opinion polls, Johnson’s Conservative Party’s lead over the Labor Party is 8 to 14 percentage points.

From Finland’s point of view, it looks strange. Why does the opposition not get a nap from the government? There should be no shortage of grips.

In Britain, the coronavirus is dead 127,000 to 150,000 people, depending on the calculation method. At the turn of the year, the transition period for Brexit, or EU separation, ended, which led to in January To the collapse of EU exports. In February, exports though recovered, but is still far from the 2020 level. Violence began in Northern Ireland when the Brexit brought customs border To the Irish Sea.

About the problems despite Labor leader Keir Starmer fails to tighten the Conservative government’s lead. There are several reasons for this.

Johnson’s government is particularly supported by Britain’s brisk corona vaccination. About 33 million people have already received their first dose of the vaccine. The second dose has been taken by about nine million. Britain has a population of 67 million.

A week ago in England opened up specialty shops and outdoor serving in pubs and restaurants after nearly four months of closure. A return to normal is underway, which is a relief for everyone.

When a Finn looks at Britain from Finland, he often thinks of Brexit and the problems it brings. For those living in Britain, the main problem is a pandemic.

Of course, in the big country, there are a lot of those whose brexes took their livelihood right away in January. Exports of shellfish traders to the EU almost completely. Many small companies will not survive the new bureaucracy. However, the concern of entrepreneurs is overwhelmed by a bigger concern, i.e. a pandemic.

Turning point however, is close. As the corona situation improves, policy-making – and reporting on it – will also return to normal times. The opposition gets more room to attack as the danger of death recedes.

It puts more pressure on Johnson. Goodwill networks of British government ministers and lobbying by former Prime Minister David Cameron have already become number one news items. When a voter feels safe from the virus, he or she can afford to be more critical than before.

The author is an HS correspondent in London.

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