Columns Baby-Yoda is too cute, and a beautiful work of art is just funding – Successful arts and entertainment creators are easily accused of calculating

Much of the factors turn to culture for a love of the sport, not for the sake of money.

Witty in the Swedish Netflix series Love and anarchy a small, reputable book publishing house is in trouble. A consultant has been hired for the company to think about streamlining, and publishers are looking for a selling book, but suddenly the owner decides to sell everything to the streaming giant. Of course, there is concern: Do writers who are intimidated by entertainment resonate? Does the action just become heartless to make a difference?

The reflections of the publishing staff offer creepy comparisons to the everyday life of cultural editing. At the same time, the series made me think about the juxtaposition of art and entertainment, which I already thought was history.

Later I read Disney The Mandalorian series discussion. The adventure in the Star Wars world has been a success, perhaps especially because a space creature lady related to the wise Yoda character has melted everyone’s hearts.

Or almost everyone. The authors of the series have also been accused of calculating and funding – the character is too cute.

This creature is simply called a child at the beginning of the Mandalorian series.­

Perhaps the examples show a passionate attitude towards entertainment rather than a confrontation. Modern man wants it to be done as seriously as art, and not just images of the euro in his eyes.

The same discussion can take place, for example, in the visual arts. Last fall, visual artist Anna Tuori said Yle in an interviewthat if art becomes only a means of expressing a statement on, for example, racism or climate change, art will become banalized and flattened.

Riiko Sakkinen, who was the subject of the review, again rebuked I refreshed the art over-aesthetic and said it only decorates the bourgeois salons.

So one claims the other as a calculator and the other as a financier.

Of course each industry has its own number nylons and marketing people whose job it is to think mainly about money. However, a large number of authors apply to culture for their love of the sport, whether it is their own work to make art or entertainment, to publish them or even to write about them.

I want to believe that “baby Yoda” was born out of the passion of the creators. Likewise the works of esteemed visual artists.

You can try to calculate, but often success comes instead of involving the heart and emotion, be it childlike joy, anxiety, enthusiasm, heartache, or whatever. This is the case in art, entertainment and many other fields.

The author is the forerunner of HS’s cultural editorial.


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