Columns A moment about fifteen years ago on the neo-Nazi benches reveals how much politics has changed

Genuine political power is now being shared with the rallies.

As one on a sunny day I realized I was sitting in a neo-Nazi sauna.

The trip had been machined by a familiar porter who knew a lot of different people. There was at least a classical musician, a hippie, a black metal stylist and a Nazi. All in a neat line on Nazi benches.

A fifteen-year-old memory forces to rub the brainstem twice. How did such a group end up in the same space and discuss things calmly?

Sauna trip the organizer had not opened the evening’s host opinions in advance, but a more in-depth answer can be found elsewhere.

As far back as the early 2000s, parties that were taken seriously sought new voters from the political center. There were less angular angles in party politics than at present.

We lived through the golden age of political jargon. For a young person interested in marginal phenomena, it represented Brain Death.

Nothing – perhaps with the exception of the Nazis – could provoke strong political reactions in just about anyone. Punkers, occupiers, radical right-wingers and Communist Party membership book holders could be set off as people trying desperately to get out of the gray political straitjacket.

Helsinki from the Coalition one can see how far those times have come.

A local politician triggered a political crisis in his party when he dreamed of Helsinki without communists on Twitter.

Fifteen years ago, most people would have giggled at some nonsensical comment. The Communists would have been pleased when someone took them seriously.

However, times changed. Old parties are still expected to have political table manners and credible values, but at the same time, bogus can gain real power.

Swastika tattoo also stopped in the early 2000s. The sauna trip could have ended badly if one of those involved had been the wrong color in the opinion of the neo-Nazis.

I don’t miss the Nazi sauna, but I could have kept something from that time.

Thanks to the net, people are now closer together than ever before, but the mental gaps seem to be tearing wider and wider. There will be no good in the end.

In Some, it’s easy to undercut the bar and call another a Nazi without good reasons. It’s just as easy to label someone as a communist.

Another was before. Then we left the sauna, said goodbye to a real Nazi, looked for better parties and wondered that all sorts.

The author is the legal editor of HS.

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